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Why does everyone think Britney is super nice and kind

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Because no one has ever came out and complained about her being an absolute diva  everyone who works with her talks about her in such a high regard 

Because our world is like, so like nice.

and everyone post-conservatorship too   thing is, of course no one is completely sweet and kind every single moment of every single day, but we have more stories of people in the industry an

She has always been "down to earth" type of person. Back in pre-conservatorship time everyone who worked with her said that she was very hardworking, funny, proud of her work etc etc. Her crossroads co-stars praised her, her music video directors praised her, her backup dancers praised her, the people who worked on her albums praised her. Pretty much everyone who get to know her said that she was nice and "normal" (as in not diva) behind the scenes :oprah_well_there_you_have_it_proof_see_hand:

Also there was numerous stories about her when random bystanders or fans who saw her in her free time and people would tell to press how she was nice to everyone in the store/cafe/restaurant etc (remember that one story where the waiter called JT a jerk while Britney was nice to her :eyes_britney_laugh:). And then there was all the little cute interactions with fans when she invited some of the lucky ones to backstage and would spend time with them. 

However since conservatorship started it has been hard to see her true personality. Many people are now calling her diva because of the restricted nature while working for her. I'm pretty sure it's because of Jamie tho :teigen_chrissy_eek_awkward_um_cringe:

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I agree with y’all and I think our girl must be the sweetest, but I remember a conversation between Larry and that fan who owned another fan site (was his name Jordan too?) in which Larry said she was faking it and that she was a total diva. I remember he said she was all about KFed when they started dating so maybe he was just pissed bc she fired him? I can’t remember exactly. I don’t know if what Larry said is true or not because as I said he was really angry at Britney but when I read it I was like:omggg_shocked_hand_old_lady_woman_surprised:

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I think she is genuinely very sweet but there are some moments when I’m like...is she really? Like when that guy she whipped for freak show wanted her to acknowledge his wife and she was ignoring her and paying attention to another guy in the audience. It may not be a big deal to us/her but what if his wife was actually the big fan and not him, u gotta put yourself in her shoes 

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Besides having some shady relationships with married men, Britney has always been super-unproblematic. Just like how these mega-famous people like Ellen and Xtina were eventually exposed for their narcissism and bad attitude, but Britney has hardly been called out by anyone for problematic behavior, except for Lil Kim whom said some off things off her when she worked with Britney in 2007 but hey? the women was going through a divorce, having the media and paparazzi hound her daily and was in a fight for her kids.  Anyone who has ever worked for Britney has nothing but good things to say about her, so its pretty much confirmed that she does have a sweet and humble personality out of the camera.

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"Is it the type of disco, I like? :unbothered_apple_chew_bite_hair_eat_chomp_red:"

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These things can always be determined by what her colleagues say about her, and how much she quarrels with them. Britney never bad-mouthed any of her colleagues, not even when most of them viciously attacked her (Christina, Katy Perry, and many more who even tried to build their career on her downfall). Most of her co-stars say only amazing things about her, which says a lot.

Combine all of these things together and you can get the impression of how she is in the background. If anything, you can always say she is a highly professional individual, which speaks for itself. People who never badmouth or gossip when it comes to their colleagues are usually kind and mind their own business. 

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Why does everyone think Britney is super nice and kind


Because she is! :bedtime_britney_book_Reading:

You might not like it and want her to be a B**h! (to defend herself like you want maybe)

You might don't understand how can a person of her caliber who was treated by world so bad can still be nice to it..

You might be jealous (cause you can't be that strong or your faves are bad attituded  B***es) :jtum_justin_timberlake_surprised_wow_um_blink_eyebrows_shocked:

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She's a good person, certainly. 

It's just that it's hard for a human to be 100% anything. We all are imperfect and make mistakes. 

But you can clearly see the good person in her. And the backstage stories match with this image of her. 

There were some weird situations during the cship years but I think it was all because she was (and still is) soo overprotected. Like really, we still don't know the full story but looking at the bits we know - I think it's a miracle she's still phisycally fine and was able to work for 10 years... 

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4 hours ago, Kiey said:



Zoe will forever remain a Goddess for this. She's such a strong woman who just does and says whatever is ******* right, and not whatever is deemed acceptable at a given moment :lessons_preaching_telling_hand_smack: ******* learn from this woman! 

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