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Lynne liked a fans’ comment on #JamieLynnIsOverParty

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Lynne has no idea what this means... 

If only she defended Britney that way

I shouldn't laugh but the flop valley comment made me laugh

11 hours ago, Bundy said:

I think JL has always been the favorite, even before Britney became this huge star. First, theres the age difference between both Bryan and Britney to JL. When she was born, Britney was 9 years old, Bryan was 14. So I bet she was spoiled a lot bc of that. She became everyones baby. Britney was always like a second mother to her. maybe Jamie wasnt also that bad of a drunk when she was growing up. She always seemed to have had a better relationship with Jamie, one Britney never had. Since Britney was 15, Lynne has been ignoring or leaving Britney out bc of her. When Lynne and JL were with Britney on tours, Britney would spoil her and make sure shed feel part of her life and work. JL said herself she felt like it was her show. She has always been spunky, cocky and I bet it was bc of those things, I mean Britney shot Lucky in two days bc she had smt at school. She always felt important, even tho Britney was the star to the point shed say she would like to be Britney but better. 

I feel like JL was always competitive and a child who liked to be the center of attention. She was never the center of the attention to the world and other people, but her family made sure shed feel the most important thing to them. Its quite sad that Britney was alone most of the time bc Lynne simply chose to be in Kentwood with JL while Britney was paying for them to live like kings. 

She sure needed attention and more love and support from them when she was being overworked and harassed by the media and paparazzi at only 17-22 years old.

Tbh Justins mom might seem a stage mom, but Justin was always her priority, period. She made him feel like the most special thing in the world. She didnt push him, he was the one who always wanted, so she just supported him instead. And Justin never felt the pressure to make it to support his family bc they werent poor and broke like the Spears. His parents were divorced, but they were always more stable. Justin mom didnt let him tour in Europe unless she was going with him. His friend Nikki Deloach said he had to ask her for space bc she was always with him. At the same time, Britney was recording, promoting without Lynne. Felicia was there, but she wasnt Britneys mother. This girl toured with Britney once and she said Felicia did what she could, but Britney was really alone. Britneys parents failed her big time. The worst part is how they refuse to admit, like Jamie blaming her for everything in 2007.

Justin talked about how alone she was and also about how she was pressured and about how many ********* were working for her. I wonder who he was talking about. Probably Larry as well.


Being a good friend to her is important to him. "All she has is me. I'm the only one in her life she wants to talk to about stuff. If I have a problem, I have four guys I can talk to, and I can go directly to them. She has to call me on the phone. It's hard." He's helping her move from bubblegum to more rockish stuff. "I'm givin' her some ideas." You just know that someday they'll do a song together. "The timing has to be right for both of us," he says. "I want it to be somethin' new that they haven't heard us do, that they didn't think we could do. I feel like we still have artistic growth to show, and maybe after that, then I'll think about it. It definitely would be a spectacle. It would be huge."


Somehow this led to Britney's movie debut. Remember Crossroads? He does: "I told Britney I thought she did a good job," he said, "but someone over there didn't spend a lot of time thinking about the material." He paused. "But she's been built that way. That whole thing over there is a machine. She's sold where she needs to be sold so that the machine keeps rolling. Really, it's...it's a *******...it's a soap-opera-slash-horror-movie. Dude, if you want a ******* article, go interview everybody who works for her. Because I think some people are *********. I think some people are out for themselves."


No, it's weirder than law, I say - law doesn't take young kids and sexualise them for the delectation of the market. "I don't really feel I was ever sexualised," he says. I tell him I'm thinking of Britney - the way she was created as a ***-kitten schoolgirl, and now at 21 there is talk of burnout. "Yeah. Look at how much pressure's been put on her. People are fickle."


Wow, this is really insightful. I've never seen this before. Considering this came from someone who was managed by creep/conman Lou Pearlman, you can only imagine what was going on in Britney's camp that he found disturbing.

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1 hour ago, thrashette said:

Wow, this is really insightful. I've never seen this before. Considering this came from someone who was managed by creep/conman Lou Pearlman, you can only imagine what was going on in Britney's camp that he found disturbing.

I thought the same. His quotes are from 2001, 2002 and 2003. I know he wasnt talking about Johnny Wright bc he was Nsync's manager and I think hes Justins manager till this day, so I guess he was probably talking about Larry, but who else?

I wonder if he tried to give Britney some advices about these people. He used to say he didnt like to talk about career with her, that he didnt talk about his career with people that were in his personal life, but I think If he felt that way about some people, maybe he tried to say some things without meddling too much. Maybe she didnt listen? He implied she was stubborn once. Also Britney probably tried to see/saw only good things in people anyway bc she was too nice. 

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