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Justin Bieber performs "Holy" and "Lonely" on Saturday Night Live

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Justin Bieber performed his two new songs, "Holy" and "Lonely" on SNL.

His vocals sound awesome! Biebs did that :fakecry_christina_aguilera_xtina_crying_tears_wipe_sad:

Exhale,  how do you think JB did?




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1 hour ago, A.a.A said:

But the "Lonely" performance was a bit cringe at the beginning. :cheese_Britney_awkward_cringe_eek:

^^ This, but after he started walking, it got a lot better. That performance legit gave me chills. His falsetto and then we he started using his non-falsetto voice in full strength >>>>>

My favorite song he's released in years

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Thank goodness he no longer has that mustache he was sporting earlier this year for his SNL performance of Intentions. I would've enjoyed it so much more if he didn't have that mustache. ICKY.

Now he can get it again. :makeitrain_britney_blush_headphones_omg_wow_happy:

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“Lonely” is such a powerful and touching song:gobaby_cheering_yes_yas_wow_proud:

It really made my eyes water the first plays:otears_oprah_crying_tissue_napkin_tears_sobbing_sad: 


This song also reminds me of “Purpose”(song):otears_oprah_crying_tissue_napkin_tears_sobbing_sad::otears_oprah_crying_tissue_napkin_tears_sobbing_sad::otears_oprah_crying_tissue_napkin_tears_sobbing_sad:

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7 minutes ago, Barajas said:

The struggle is real....:crying3_britney_sobbing_tears_sad:

I don't know how governments still allow kids to work and be exploited as this. It's abusive :mariahstare_carey_annoyed_um_irritated:

He's canadian. So he was able to be more exploited as he's not an American citizen, and he's stated several times. He won't become a US citizen, since Canada has a better Health system than the US. 

I'm the hunter, you're the fox 🦊.

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Guys, please, take a second and think about this: women in music historically have had to do THE MOST to get attention and the minimum of respect from their peers and the GP, and this privileged young white guy goes on stage with just a basic shirt and a beanie and performs scared AF with the eternal underlying discourse of "I made mistakes I'm sorry I'm suffering love me". He's doing this since "Purpose", in 2015. That's half a decade. Drop the drugs and get it together already.

Meanwhile? Lady Gaga, an accomplished A-lister, releasing a beautiful new album with fantastic visuals and over-the-top performances. Dua Lipa, at the beginning of her career, playing hard like the best and carrying half of 2020's pop landscape on her shoulders alone. Doja Cat, a new artist, looking incredible each time and being super creative and having mesmerizing stage presence, something that simply cannot be taught. Miley Cyrus, the wild card that has been through it all, singing better than ever before with confidence and attitude and with something to say other than self-pity. All amazing. All women. All held to the highest of standards.

And then comes this baby boy with the minimum effort to cry on stage. Please don't gobble this all up just because he's kinda cute and has a p enis.

He needs to grow some balls and step it up.

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