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JUST KIDDING  THIS IS WHAT YOU GET FOR STARTING THE RED CARPET WITHOUT ME    @CrazyButItFeelsAllright @kasavas @Itachi @Iconic 4 U @nwonder @alexxxx @Isla @Thelegendarybritney @On

VOTING IS CLOSED See you Sunday at 8pm BST (12pm Pacific) @CrazyButItFeelsAllright @kasavas @Itachi @Iconic 4 U @nwonder @alexxxx @Isla @Thelegendarybritney @OnlyBeyonce @Lemon_Drop @B

Thank you all so much for playing!  You all make this so much fun to host!   I hope you've all had fun & I hope to see you all again next time at the 'Britney' Megarate Ceremony! -

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7 minutes ago, PokemonSpears said:

not y'all eliminating the best songs already, AGAIN

I'm out. When I come back I better see Breathe on Me at #1


arriving too late, and leaving too sooon

After your Blackout blasphemy every point you make is invalid 


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2 minutes ago, Slayer said:

12 - (I Got That) Boom Boom

Overall rate: 7.875


Lowest rate: 1/10 (x2) @Midnight @vertovera

Highest rate: 10/10 (x11) @Iconic 4 U @CrazyButItFeelsAllright @PokemonSpears @sugarfallxofme @godneyjspears @Blackout2006 @CripplerCrossface @Cinderella85 @Towelney @OnlyBeyonce @Hooked-On-Knee 


·     Not lead single material in my opinion, but I like it regardless. 

·      I used to love this song but it didn’t age well at all

·     A bop, but you have to be in a certain mood to appreciate it

·     Already boring AF on its own, but then they had to go ahead and add some redundant rappers

·      I never understood how this one got the single treatment aside from the fact that Ying Yang Twins were inexplicably big at the time.

·     should have just been a solo because **** the ying yang twins, but I do love the choreography from when she performed this during the era tho, deserved better

·      I don't like the Ying Yang twins on this at all. They ruin this track for me. I mean I don't mind a feature but I even prefer Sabi's rap over this. Britney sounds nice on it.

·     use to love that song but idk anymore, kinda sound old and cringy, plus bye **** **** twinks

·     This song is so secsy, Britney's vocals were flawless, and the live performances were amazing.

·     The song is freaking amazing! I dont understand its hate 

·     Would have been a 9 without them annoying Ying Ying Twins, miss me with their shadiness and screaming tbh

·     This song is hot. Although my issue then is still my issue now. It's length. I feel like I stayed at a party longer than I should've.

·     experimental, bop and still totally Britney. I'm still not sure what's that boom boom everyone is talking about

·     The beat is everything. Still slaps hard. 

·     Whoever thought it was a good idea to add the talentless and super annoying Ying Yang Twins should burn in hell. Britney's voice sounds super **** on this track but I usually have to skip the whole track because of all the TWILLY TWILLY TWILLY SHORTY SHORTY SHORTY YAAAAAAAY YAAAY TWILLY TWILLY HWWWWAAAAAA going on...

·     Ying Yang Twins deserves the hate after the **** they said about Britney but the song it's so good I can't punish the song for what they said

·      I remember I hated this song at first but overtime it’s grown on me and now I really enjoy it! I love the hip hop sound, the Middle Eastern/Bhangra influences… it’s such a fun, fierce track full of energy. The Ying Yang Twins… well, I hated their parts to begin with and I don’t mind them now, but still think they’re quite ‘loud’ and I think this song would have been better without them. 

·     Urbaney done right - an ageless party jam

·     I don’t like that they randomly badmouthed her all these years later

·     This song slaps and her vocals sound amazing.

·      I need a new version of this song without Ying Yang Trashes. I love this song but only parts of Britney. Forgive me Britney but I can't give this song more than 1 

·      I love the beat and the lyrics to this song. YYT is such buzzkill on the track...

·     I've always liked this collab.  Wonder what happened behind the scenes that made the Ying Yang twins say what they did. 

·     Something more urban really came out to play with this one. Probably my favorite Britney album collab. 

·      Ugh, can't believed I used to hate this song because it's perfection. If The Ying Yang Twins' parts weren't included, it would have easily been one of the best in her discography.

ngl had a falling out with this song after that Yang yang *****s or whatever **** they call themselves suddenly felt brave as if they made this song sound good when all you hear from them in this song are animal sounds


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So I had to go away briefly to wash the dishes (I APOLOGISE) and... Toxic came 13th????? 

EDIT: OH MY GOD @Slayer :gloria_falling_stairs_trip:I can't believe you did that haha you had us all fooled for a second. Justice for Don't Hang Up though, it deserved higher :crying4_britney_crying_stages_tears_sad:

Edited by Isla
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11 - Outrageous

Overall rate: 8.146


Lowest rate: 1/10 (x3) @VCTR @heirtobritsthrone @JustLuvMe07

Highest rate: 11/10 @U_WannaLiveFancy


·     This song gets so much flak because of the knee injury thing, but it's actually pretty good.

·     I’ve seen people bashing Outrageous here and I don’t  get it it’s an urban bop!

·      I know it gets trashed a lot but I love it

·     A moment of silence for everything the Outrageous era could have been.

·     ughhh such a sassy h*e anthem I love it so much

·     mehh

·     Love it, the parts of the video that have been leaked looked..cheap and embarrassing. Still mad because it cost her her knees 😔 but when I'm in the mood I listen to it and turn into a bad *****

·     It's trash, I'm with Britney on this one and wish she never recorded it. RIP Knee.

·     After hearing Toxic and then jumping to this track, it feels so...mediocre. Even Britney herself did not like that song and the only reason it made to the tracklist was because of a compromise! And its disturbing to think if it was never made with a MV, Primeney would still be here

·     Outrageous, my *** drive. 

·     It's my anthem. TEEHEE. This song would've slayed and continued the era's domination had she not broken her knee. One of her strongest late era singles.

·     it's a little repetitive, I like the Onyx cut a little better, but i feel like the baddest ***** ever when i listen to it

·     It just works. She sounds great and the beat is addictive. 

·      I like the track due to its great production but I never understood why JIVE wanted this to be a single. 

·     Same with Boom Boom, I can't punish the song for the awful human being for write and produce it

·     Probably my least favourite on the album. I don’t HATE this song, it’s quite a funky track, the Middle Eastern influences are cool, it’s fun to dance to and I enjoy it whenever it comes on. But I do have quite a few issues with it. The fact that Jive thought this was lead single material when in my opinion, I would never have picked this song to be a single if I was in charge. It also just falls short compared to a lot of other songs on the album. I think maybe with a bit more ‘oomph’ I would have liked this song more.

·     Corny and problematic from the start

·     RIP to the music video that never came to fruition

·      I can see why it was never Brit’s fave. The Junkie XL remix is a huge improvement.

·      Ruins a perfect album for me. Delete it.

·     Sounds is different and I love it. 

·      I honestly never got into this song and never understood why it was selected as a single

·      I love the confidence in this song

·      I don’t get the hate for this song. Because of R. Kelly? Because of the knee? Take all the drama out of it and this is a fun track. 

·     R&B is my fave genre so I'm likely biased but I actually think this is a great song and was single-worthy, it's just a shame it wasn't a single alongside Breathe on Me and Touch of My Hand. If you takeaway the context of the knee injury and give it a chance, it's really good!

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he used to sing me sweet melodies ♫

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