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Britney shares a video of her boarding a plane with Sam on their recent trip

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anyone that doesn't recognize Britney's iconic way of waving her hand, bending her pinky that way, can't be called a fan    

Will you guys ever stop being so judgmental and critical damn. Of course it is staged, she probably wanted to make a cute video for IG and posed it’s not that big of a deal. smh

Who the hell tries to dress up for a plane journey?! Let her do what she wants   Also for people who think every little thing is a 'conspiracy' you need to chill, this does more harm than good if

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9 hours ago, Slayer said:

Would you rather her get a commercial flight during a pandemic?

its definitely safer to go private - less people in a confined place = less risk 

Again not my point. 

I find her post to be cringe not the fact she took private jet. 

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Also it is kinda convenient that they have given her some freedom regarding expenses mids court battle hmmm.


One thing regarding HeSam. One thing he can do is advise her what to and what not to post on her instagram. Considering how her insta is perceived by Gp and based on fact that James is using it against her in court. I understand that he is under contract (NDA) and that he can't speak up against Conservatorship. But he can advise her regarding her Instagram and behavior in general. After all we are talking about a guy who has been with her for years now. (This is general talk based on information she has some control of her social media).



Also yall need to stop with self harming bs. She had been sporting those sport handbands for years now. And we literally never get any proof aka wisiable scars that she ever self harmed. So idgi why are yall trying to help james with that nonsense.

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6 hours ago, The Greatest Show said:

she has been wearing them on and off since 2017. She wore them a lot on stage but she constantly switched arms. So if you are thinking suicide attempt - no, we have seen to many pictures of her without them.


thank u!! There's plenty of pictures of her performing and at the street with them. Sometimes I wonder if she's to cover her tattoos from when she was with Kevin or the Kiss she had done in 2007. 

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14 hours ago, ColdAsFire89 said:

I feel they’re giving her some more financial freedom to show that she’s free to do what she wants and stops fighting in court.


 It’s just too much of a coincidence that she’s suddenly getting some freedom isn’t it?




p.s. I don’t want to judge on Sam’s sexuality and clothing doesn’t define it. But the Louis Vuitton bag and the sleevesless shirt :parisok_hilton_chewing_gum_pink_phone_Reading:

Of you don't wanna judge, then why you do it? 

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14 hours ago, ShatteredBoy said:

This is what I’ve been trying to tell you while you judge fans for believing things you don’t. Take your own advice LMAO.

So I’m not aloud to express my opinion on their thoughts?? I’m just supposed to blindly accept it?? Nope, not gonna do that. You clearly don’t just sit back and bite your tongue, otherwise, you would have just ignored my original post.

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6 hours ago, MonaLisa613 said:

So I’m not aloud to express my opinion on their thoughts?? I’m just supposed to blindly accept it?? Nope, not gonna do that. You clearly don’t just sit back and bite your tongue, otherwise, you would have just ignored my original post.


Lmaoo who hurt you drama queen?? The only one who doesn’t wanna bite your tongue is yourself weirdo. Yes you are allowed to give your oppinion, but you’re contradicting yourself saying fans can believe whatever they want when on this same thread you were dissing other fans for believing in something you didn’t.

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Someone on twitter or instagram said it looks like when you are getting tattoos removes.. Maybe that is the point?? To get rid of the Kevin tattoos because it doesn't help her become the free empowered woman with the goddes light inside her :mcry_mariah_carey_proud_beaming:

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