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For the Record???

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8 minutes ago, iamsodramatic said:

I am trying to find For the Record to show my boyfriend and educate him... was it removed from YouTube? Is there anywhere I can watch the full documentary. Sorry if this was AP

There are many links, here



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Honestly I think the easiest way to watch this would be to buy the DVD. It seems to come offline every now and again.

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I'm so glad this question was asked again because it made me rewatch FTR. So many raw and honest moments. But also so many weird ones. Some of the people around her seem so fake with their forced laughter and playing along with her. However, I love love love Andre. They seemed like they had such a pure friendship. He seemed like the only person in this whole video who wasn't just saying or doing things to please her but actually loved being around her and having fun with her. :kyliecry_crying_tears_jenner_wipe_sad:

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