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#breakingcodesilence:This can save Britney

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Ok,at the moment I watch the Paris Hilton documentary:

So I found the #breakingcodesilence movement.It is to help people who were send as children/teens to facility's and  gated traumatized because of a crime made to them. They say on Instagram:

" #BreakingCodeSilence is a movement organized by a network of survivors and activists to raise awareness of the abuses in the Troubled Teen Industry."


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4 minutes ago, JP9101 said:

So what’s the idea?

This victims,like Paris herself tell the truth to the public. What they been through . I don´t now how it is possible as long Britney is under c-ship.But they could help Britney reveal the truth.And maybe to help her out of the c-ship.It is clear that Britney is getting silenced.She is not allowed to speak freely.They fear something.For me,she is under c-ship because she wanted to revel the truth back in 2005.With Mona Lisa,All That She Wants,Rebellion.All this stuff.Britney was very open.Maybe to much for her family.Whatever,this movement is huge!That Paris and other victims speak up is huge.In my country,Germany,a lot of perpetrators get caught. Like there was a boarding school and a camping site and there were children who get abuse,raped for decades!Truth comes out now!

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OMG :umomg_britney_shocked_wow_omg_surprised_eyes_wide:I just thought that this movement should help children who were brought into facilities. And that is what Lou Taylor do with Britney´s money! I don´t say the people there has to suffer,I don´t know what they do there. But it makes you think deeper.


That reminds me of Britney.But the difference is, she is an adult now...God knows what they do to her in the facility. Her family treats her like a naughty child.Also,that Paris gets kidnapped remains of Britney when she was brought  to a facility against her will after she locke herself and Jayden up in the bathroom.


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