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Team Britney is so desperate to make a coin. They are dropping an official 2021 calendar

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This amazon link takes you right to buy the 2021 official Britney Spears calendar 

Images are copyright Britney brands (the company lou established) under license from Epic Rights (the company they signed to handle all official merch)


So in lieu of no music. The team without her knowledge authorized an official calendar hoping to make money off of old photos. 


@Jordan Miller

I'm the hunter, you're the fox 🦊.

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It is kinda nice and reminds me of the good ol days 99-04/05. I mean she is a classic artist now so it was inevitable. I wouldn’t sweat this btw they probs don’t make much from this just like how they don’t make much from an album

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3 hours ago, Fenixxx123 said:

guys remember : BOYCOTT THE BRAND.

don't spend your money on sh i t like this.

Some people don't really care, I see people consuming a lot and even fanclubs promoting products. :sad_britney_ftr_for_the_record::sad_britney_ftr_for_the_record:

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5 hours ago, Gagabritxxx said:

I would buy this but I don’t want my money in those f/ucking leaches bank 

They are gonna make money no matter what. Those images get used in media many times and they have to pay rights to team Britney. Sony owns her masters so nothing is gonna stop them from licensing her music out (cship or not, it’s just business) which a small portion they have to pay to Britney since she gets residuals, also Britney owns stock in various companies of stuff she likes like coco cola, like nothing is gonna stop them, that’s why they were able to continue making money despite Britney trying to give her bare minimum over the years. 


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3 hours ago, CenterOfTheRing98 said:

They do one every year, all with random photos. I doubt they make any coin on them, maybe make back the production costs if anything. People rarely buy calendars these days.

Are we sure they are official the other years? I dont recall

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Am I the only one who hates that cover photo? It looks nothing like her.

Also - why is the (iconic) Britney album cover falsely included in the preview images, but not actually part of the calender?

Also - This is basically just her old Vegas photoshoots (minus Dom) + a random Slave performance pic from when she was younger? lol... they didn't even include any Glory photos or screenshots lol.  who designed this mess? LOL ...

tv land GIF by YoungerTV

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