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The Girl In Mirror is probably her most heartbreaking song

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6 hours ago, Corso said:

She should record a new version of this, I think she can relate to this even more now than before.

:lolnoworries_britney_hat_its_okay_excited:for sure! Make the lyrics a bit more current 


sometimes britney spears GIF
“There’s a hctib on my Twitter 
That’s crying out tonight
And there’s nothing her army can tell her
To make her feel alright
Oh, this hctib on my Twitter 
Is crying 'cause of James & Lou
And I wish Lynne would do something
I wish Ingrahm would do something
Oh, I know there is something
Judge Penny can do

I can't believe it's what I see
That this hchib is a prisoner
This hctib on my Twitter 

Hashtag Free Britney,

hey, hey,  ho, ho “

music video crying GIF


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12 hours ago, Cinderella85 said:

This song is in my top ten favorite songs of all time list from her .Should have been a single.(along with "Where Are You Now")

This. Britney’s best ballads:sobbing_unbelievable_wow_head_shake_no_crying_sobbing_sad:

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Cause the gay in my mirror, is crying tonight,

And there's not ammount of ****s, to make him feel allright 

Oh the gay in my mirror, is crying cause of it

And I wish there were more ****s, more ****s he could do :crying1_britney_sobbing_tears_2006_sad:

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