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Britney’s dad says he “has nothing to hide” after conservatorship hearing

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Circus hitmaker Britney made a move to remove her dad from her conservatorship but her request was denied.

That wasn't even discussed though? :sofedup_fed_up_miss_ny_ms_new_york_done_tiffany_pollard_eye_roll_eyeroll_whatever:

And well, if you have nothing to hide Jamie, there's no reason to seal all the documents :oprah_well_there_you_have_it_proof_see_hand:

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Urgh Jamie reminds me of those prison bullies who abuse weak prisoners and then make them swear not to tell because they're "protecting" them from everyone else. 


Jamie uses the same methods and "protective" language. And he does it publicly too. 


Protecting someone is defending them and helping them without personal gain because you're a good person and it's the right thing to do. 

Controlling someone is trapping them under your power, stealing their money [and dishing it out to your ******ic friends] and forever preventing them from being free for your own personal gain. 


Which one is Jamie doing... :juggingu_britney_hat_meme_neyde:

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oh mr Spears just leave the ship already, it's sinking faster than if it hit an iceberg. Mr Spears, please hop on a first class lifeboat, you're her father, her blood, so we will tolerate that..but just row the fastest you can far away from this ship...and don't ask what we did with the rest of the gang ...

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8 minutes ago, ICouldntThinkOfOne said:

Why does he keep going to the press to make these statements? He keep saying its a private family matter but then does this. He says he has nothing to hide, yet he wasn't paying lawyers and is fighting to seal documents. He says he's acting in Britney's best interest, but is actively fighting anything she wants. 

**** Jamie.

Yup he says one thing and his actions say otherwise. Full of 

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give it up all ready! u are an old man and this is how u wanna spend the rest off ur life? leaching off ur daughter? after already having a near death experience?

like jesus christ shut up and go live a peaceful life in kentwood before u die and leave her alone

(tbh he should be in jail)

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This ***** had the nerve, the auda-see-tea to say something that everyone and their mothers know it aint truth :wyd_wtf_meme_hand_umm_wth_what_the_hell:

Kinda pointless to say that as of now when there are court documents showing otherwise :tired_so_there_head_tilt_annoyed_see_rose_mcgowan:

Jamie, you're dying already. There wont be enough time for you to enjoy the money wanna keep stealing from your daughter. Let go ***** :katybelt_perry_witness_yelling_singing:

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