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Katy Perry on whether she would do a K-pop collab: "I don't want to be part of a trend, I want to be part of a movement"

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6 hours ago, MyLittlePopstar said:

There’s a difference between “not liking” a genre and calling a different cultures music “a trend.” For people in Korea, “K-Pop” has been around for a long time, maybe it’s just starting to gain traction in the US and worldwide, but it’s ignorant to call it a “trend” just because you have only known about it for a short period of time. K-Pop is has been around is some way since the 90s, so it’s not a “trend.” I’m not even a huge K-Pop fan, but Katy clearly doesn’t think before she speaks. 


Katy has jumped on so many trends and it’s laughable you can’t recognize that. She did the emo/punk trend with her first album. She did the Edm-big pop trend with Teenage Dream. Trap. Working with Migos when they were the flavor of the moment. Pretending to be woke in the last election, then dropping it right after. Jumping on a Latin bilingual track. And if she was so ahead on the disco trend why did she wait until after it was popular to release it? And Never really over doesn’t sound “80s” at all lol. 

and rise is an unlistenable turd of a song. 

for the record, I don’t “hate” Katy. I was a big fan for a short period of time. But over time she’s shown she’s not a very nice person, with a huge ego and a he’s really not very talented or original. And then she says things like this... 

And Katy's political activities have been always active since the Obama days, so why the fake woke's about? But isn't she right about Trump? I don't I understand where's the hate coming, so very generic like those old Katy's starter hate packs.

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And you guys was asking why shes been floppin since i cant remember... THERE YOU GO
She ALWAYS shading... she just released an album full of "good vibes" but her speech doesnt match her attitude.

Sorry KP, the true is that YOU are NOT the dopest artist to be in a kpop colab.  :katyclown_makeup_mess_pie_meme_smile:

and im not a hater, been streaming Smile!

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I agree that you could call k-pop music a trend, even though it is a genre, simply because emo/rock was a 'trend' back in the day when My chemical romance, green day, etc were big. It still exists today but there was definitely a time when it was super popular with the GP.

At the same time though, it is pretty offensive to call an entire genre of music a trend. To me, it show's a level of ignorance and lack of respect for the artists. I mean, rock still exists and those bands like Blink-182 and Sum 41 are still putting out albums....they just aren't as famous/in the forefront as they used to be. Same with any genre that used to be big like EDM and country. There are people out there still rippin classical music even though it's not slapping like it did back in the victorian era lmao :mattafact_alligator_telling_talking_chatting_preaching_green:

It was just pretty tone-deaf comment especially when Con Calma is barely a year old....like hello???????

Danny Devito Hello GIF by The Animal Crackers Movie

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22 hours ago, ColdAsFire88 said:

Well...I guess she started the flop trend. Btw...Smile dropped to #54 this week :truthtea_sips_britney_2011_ff_femme_fatale_red_mug_spill:

omg really? That's like selling less than 11,000 units on its second week :orangu_orangutan_ape::orangu_orangutan_ape::orangu_orangutan_ape:

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And that is coming from a woman who literally built the whole career on being a trend chaser. The Con Calma (raeggaton/latin trend), Dark Horse (using that urban beat + including a rapper in a song just when hip-hop became more popular), E.T./California Girls (working with a male rapper when it was a thing for pop girls), Bon Appetite (using Migos and trap beat), the whole Witness (hoping on the 'woke' trend), using her big ***** just to sell more (smex sells more period), hoping on that wagon 'I don't care about charts'. I do understand what Ms. Kity Purina is trying to communicate, yet I consider it hypocritical. :checkit_sipping_drinking_spill_tea:

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I can’t stand how two faced she is!! 
Been wanting to give her like the 263663 chance but she doesn’t learn!! :sickofu_britney_blinking_umm_wtf_confused_annoyed:

Like did she forget she was literally on a Con Calma Remix with Daddy Yankee when Reggaetón was becoming “trendy”?!! :ricackle_rihanna_laugh_lol_haha_lmao_hehe:

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