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Kanye West urinates on his Grammy award

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8 hours ago, A.a.A said:

The highs and lows of manic-depressive disorder (aka Bipolar).

We're going to see extremes like this until someone intervenes or something happens.. So sad.

WHAT ABOUT A CONSERVATORSHIP? No? Ok. The power of having a d ick in this world, I effing swear.................... :nochillbrit_britney_impatient_2008_annoyed_irritated_nope_smh_head_shaking_my_ftr_for_the_record_circus:

Oh and Kanye, please drink more water? Or get that prostate checked.

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3 hours ago, nanabs said:

my mood rn 

my reaction to 90% of the bull**** celebrities are pulling off lol

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For the longest time I wrote him off as just an egomaniac or something, but his behavior is becoming more and more erratic. I'm worried even if I don't care much for Kanye. I just hope he gets the help he needs (said help not involving a conservatorship). :teigen_chrissy_eek_awkward_um_cringe:

💃🏻 stan of all flop pop girlies 💃🏻

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16 hours ago, MX3 said:

Did he say specifically what Grammy it was??? Lol has he only won one? 
Like what is the context of this? Is he upset he wasn’t nominated or just saying they’re stupid in general? 

I think he is in some kinda legal battle with his own music's rights and such

He actually has 21 well deserved Grammys but he is trying to attack the music industry in general I assume

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On 9/17/2020 at 12:56 AM, Snesh said:

Is it too bad that it kinda turned me on just a little bit?? :britdrown_britney_tears_crying_drown_ink_black:


someone has a fetish


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