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Kanye West urinates on his Grammy award


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Well at least someone's promoting Rain On Me. 

Lol literally can u imagine if Britney uploaded a video of her peeing on her Grammy  - yeah, no.  i always think about Charlie sheen admitting he bangs “7 gram rocks” and had “tiger blood” and ev

Yet he’s still not in a conservatorship 

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55 minutes ago, MX3 said:

Did he say specifically what Grammy it was??? Lol has he only won one? 
Like what is the context of this? Is he upset he wasn’t nominated or just saying they’re stupid in general? 

Probably something Taylor swift related since he’s so obsessed with her. 

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Get off the internet and seek help, Kanye. We know you can afford the best care the United States can offer so please, do yourself a favor.

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Can anyone see his D reflection in the Grammy? Exhale detectives??? 

I know Kanye is having a breakdown, but he was right about Taylor Swift being overrated, wrong about Beyonce not getting enough credit and he's right to pee all over the most corrupt and paid for award - a Grammy. 

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