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Just watched the "This Is Paris" documentary and...

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11 hours ago, helloitsme said:

She just needed to talk more about simple life and when she went to jail. Those are the 2 most iconic things of her life.

she talked about her *** tape, why not jail time? She set the trend for it girls going to jail

That's a pretty good point I didn't think about. I bet you she had a lot of trauma about jail because it could've reminded her about Provo. 

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9 hours ago, DanjaMouse said:

I was dead at the clip where a fan asked for a photo in the street and completely cut Kim Kardashian out. Even though they are best of friends these days, I still thought it was kinda shady using that to show that she was a bigger star.


And Kim's title in the doc was friend and former assistant :orangu_orangutan_ape:

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I watched it too, and I'm glad I did. I hope the nightmares stop and she starts to truly heal and feel real happiness. What she went through and what the others girls who went to that school is horrible, disgusting. They caused so much trauma. I really feel for them all and hope they can stop hurting from the abuse. It was nice to see them get together and talk about it, I'm sure opening up to one another helped some. Poor Paris, thinking she needs so much money, the fear of not having it, not having enough, the fear of losing it all, the fear of having to rely on someone else to take care of her if she has nothing. Man. She works hard, too hard. She must be so lonely, even though she's surrounded by her staff. Lastly, I'm disgusted of the lack of care and love her mother showed her when she opened up about what happened to her at that school. If that was my daughter I would have started crying and got off the damn couch in a hurry and rushed to hug her and the first words I'd say is I'm so sorry! And yes her sister rubbed me the wrong way a few times as well.

People love the judge her, many have from the start. I was never a 'fan' of hers but I never hated her or wished bad things. I just seen her as someone who needed guidance. Anyways, I hope many of those who have judged her watch this doc... And it was nice to see those girls say wtf, I knew when watching the simple life that that wasn't the real you. It was a character, too bad it was created though because that's what made people judge her so badly.

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I just watched this doc and it was really intriguing. I love that she finally has the courage to speak up about this horrible time in her life. She deserves to be able to speak her truth!

I hear what you’re saying about both Nicky and her mom’s scenes. I felt like it was unexpected but truthfully even Paris admits that she acted out a lot as a teenager. It would’ve been extremely hard as a parent to deal with that. (Not that that is even a REMOTELY good excuse for sending someone off to someplace like Provo.) I would say that after Paris has healed from her trauma, those situations can sometimes lead to mutual apologies about the roles both played in the situation: Paris for rebelling and disappearing all night to go to clubs and worrying her parents, and her parents apologizing for sending her to Provo. I have a hard time believing that a parent with that much money wouldn’t do a LOT of research into the facility they send their child to.

In regards to her mom hearing about the trauma “for the first time,” I try not to judge people too harshly for the way they react in a situation when a huge secret is given to them. The only behavior I would outright condemn would be her mother stating she should just “get over it” or that she was still happy she did it. Was it apologetic? No. But also people react differently to shock. I also feel like it sounded like they were getting a little choked up and the cameras cut away not long after that. Maybe after the cameras cut she apologized? Idk. I hate that her mom didn’t seem super remorseful. I can only hope that Paris got the peace she needed simply by telling her mom about the situation.

Overall, I thought it was a good documentary.

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On 9/16/2020 at 4:55 PM, helloitsme said:

She just needed to talk more about simple life and when she went to jail. Those are the 2 most iconic things of her life.

she talked about her *** tape, why not jail time? She set the trend for it girls going to jail

I think she talked about the things that marked her life in a very deep meaningful way. I think she just lumped "The Simple Life" with the rest of her reality TV persona which she does speak about at great length throughout the film. Her prison episode was an absolute joke, she was in and out in a heartbeat, and it was more of a publicity stunt than anything else.

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Two things i liked the most.

1: the Aleks boyfriend incident. That "man" purposely dropped her computer (yes!), and purposely wanted her to be miserable before the show, and purposely tried controlling her. It was obviously him introducing her to an abusive submissive relationship he wanted to have with her (yes). He was literally a narcissistic demon, and i loved how she got rid of his bracelet and rid of him. A power move and the only right move she could have done. It was a glimpse i really liked seeing, because it kind of showed how many douches are out there, since they come into her life too. It's sad but important to show how easily they can infiltrate even a superstar's life.

2: the whole mental growth facilities/provo. And how Nicki talked to her and how her mother handled the confession. It shows that pain, suffering, injustice, neglect, abuse and dysfunctional family relations are everywhere and wealth does not automatically protect you from that. 

1+2: there is a sense of equality; the super rich are subjected to crap as well, from within and from those they affiliate themselves with. I loved to see a realler side of her. Sure she probably has issues of her own that are not in this doc, but who wouldn't with her past and if you are surrounded by people more or less breaking you. I liked the doc. 

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