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Britney's cousin Jessica Spears speaks on #FreeBritney

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5 hours ago, Arckangel said:

@UnyewsualYew This just in:



I do not think Britney wants to remain under c-ship. It seems, considering everything that her court-appointed lawyer has recently revealed, that she wants Jamie Spears permanently removed from the c-ship (financial, personal) in all capacities so she can, at the most auspicious time, file for its termination.

Ingham has just confirmed the c-ship is "voluntary" and that Britney is not waiving her right to file for its termination in the future. It's just that would she file for its termination now, Jamie would fight tooth and nail to prevent that dissolution the same way he is fighting tooth and nail to prevent his removal from the c-ship (and is trying to have Andrew Wallet back in).

Many stars suffer from all kinds of mental health issues, struggles (from mild to more severe conditions) and are not under c-ship. Lindsay Lohan reportedly came very close to being placed under c-ship; there were reports Lou Taylor suggested it, Michael Lohan considered it and that Dina Lohan either opposed or considered it too. Lindsay's breakdown was arguably just as bad if not worse than Britney's. Lindsay, apparently under the influence, crashed her car to a tree; at one point was stopped for erratic driving, c****ne was found on herself and she reportedly claimed "the c****ne was not hers, she was a celebrity and could do whatever she wanted"; went to jail twice; did c****ne just days after being released from jail; went to rehab six times; did house arrest; pleaded no contest for supposedly stealing jewellery; was accused of stealing an expensive coat...

But after a brilliant intervention from Oprah, Lindsay finally got out of that hole. She, too, was clearly "in the throes of a mental health crisis" but however managed to pull through without a permanent or even temporary c-ship. Chris Brown was never put under c-ship after repeatedly exhibiting violent behaviour and reportedly being diagnosed w/ bipolar, neither was Shia LaBeouf after a public meltdown arrest, neither were Mariah Carey, Demi Lovato and others.

The c-ship may have helped Britney at first, but it was still obtained under some false pretenses; she was tricked into that second 5150, was not alerted, not allowed to fight it, and it was falsely claimed she had dementia. I agree w/ you that guardianship should have ended, at the latest, at the conclusion of The Circus Tour.

My point is, even if Britney does have any type of mental health issue, she does not need to still be considered "gravely disabled", "incapacitated", "unable to resist fraud or undue influence" or whatever. It is just infantilizing her at this point and perpetuating the idea that she's "crazy"; it is unnecessarily stigmatizing her, making it look like she's a vegetable in the head when she's obviously not.

What she needs, in my observation, is to get Jamie out of the picture so she can then, with assistance and guidance, be eased out of that legal state once and for all. She could still, once off c-ship, obtain financial, medical and emotional assistance and guidance.

@PokemonSpears @Jordan Miller @C0CKy @reecejwilson @THE BAJAN VIBE @MadameFreedom @NewDisplayName

Agree. 100%.

I just believe fans need to allow her to do all of this on her own time.

Let Britney set the pace.

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