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Thank you all so much for playing! I hope you've all had fun & I hope to see you all again next time at the In The Zone Megarate Ceremony! - Slayer   THE FINAL RANKING: 

2 days left to send your rates if you haven't already!   Voting closes on Friday 25th September 2020 at 6pm BST The Results ceremony is on SUNDAY 27th September 2020 at 8pm BST (12pm Pacific

One last thing before I let you all go, here are all of your individual overall rates for Blackout! Cinderella85    8.13333333 Britney-fan123    8.06666667 Towelney    10 ElenaB    8.41666

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Just now, Slayer said:



2 - Break The Ice

Overall rate: 9.694


Lowest rate: 6/10 (x2) @Sia @Mainshow

Highest rate: 11/10 (x11) @Cinderella85 @PokemonSpears @Geralt_of_Rivia @Easy There @LikeShatteredGlass @mihai.serban @BUWYGF @filmandstage13 @kasavas @Thelegendarybritney @OnlyBeyonce

Fun fact: Break The Ice also received 18 10/10s


·      My second fav from Blackout. The beginning is sooo good and the production is HEAVEN

·     One of the best intros of her career

·      The music video was done quite well considering it was animated although it would have been interesting having a video of Britney dancing with a chair for the song similar to the Stronger music video. If only Britney could have performed this during The Onyx Hotel Tour, imagine how well she would slay the dance moves!!!!

·     original pom choreography made up for how much this song deserved more

·     this was a tough choice but the melody on bti remains one of my faves by Brit. The lyrics are amazing. The opening is Iconic. I wish it was a tad bit faster in pace but it's great the way it is. The circus tour remix is my favourite remix ever. 

·     "I like this part"?! I LOVE IT ALL!!

·      I love this part...Its been a while...its a good song that i wish got an iconic music video. 

·     Love the intro, her voice but the chorus is such a non-event to me, why does this song in such a horrible way?

·     Probably the best track on the album. This song is BEAST. Her vocals are probably the sexiest she ever sounded and that ******* instrumental i just cant. BTI has me feeling like that **** ***** in a club that everybody wants to ****.

·     Pre choruses are so dope!

·      Love the beat, love the vocals.  Soooo good

·     The only reason I'm not giving it a perfect 10 score is because I miss that last beat in the last chorus. Which was present In the demo. 

·     Okay, don’t get me wrong, this song is kindaaa overrated by fans to an extent, when it’s never been one of my favourites from Blackout or one of my favourite Britney singles. But upon relistening to this, I think I can understand why? It’s actually a really good song. I love the ‘it’s been a while…’ intro, the dark, spacey production and that breakdown halfway through the song is amazing!! I have a new found love for this track. 

·     Pop perfection. Her voice. That beat. Flawless.

·     A flawless gem! She sounds so amazing here! I don't care if Keri Hilson called her a one take Jake, one take was all Britney needed!

·     Another iconic opening line. I wish Britney was into this era more... this is another song that could have been a major hit. Not a fan of the animated music video. 

·      I think Break The Ice would have better music video but I love the amine version too though. I like the breathing sound in this song by the way.

·      EARGASM. No pop girl will ever top that.
Pure pop perfection. Angelic vocals. Yes! Yes! Yes! Queeeeen of pop

·      one of several songs that have clearly been messed with because the OG 2007 version is not what is on Spotify/Apple Music right now

·      i don't get the hype. It's good but it's not even on the level of the best songs from the album.

sad to see Break The ice go but Gimme More is amazing so I'm not surprised :kyliecry_crying_tears_jenner_wipe_sad:

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I wanna get in the zone 💎

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1 minute ago, Slayer said:



Overall rate: 10.03


Lowest rate: 3/10 @PokemonSpears

Highest rate: 11/10 (x16) @Towelney @godneyjspears @RebelMe @alexxxx @Daddy O @ColdAsFire88 @Mainshow @TheoDoor @BreeC @Peter Pan @Isla @Britney'sBish @bitbitboi @blackoutbixxh @LaLohan 

Fun fact: Gimme More received the HIGHEST EVER song rate in any of the megarates so far. It also received 27 10/10s - WOW!


·      One of my fav Britney songs EVER. The instrumental is so dark and twisted it’s so hypnotic! 

·      Perfect start to the era

·     The first 3 words are more iconic than some entire careers. Surprised it didn't go #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 with all the coverage of the performance at the VMAs. One of the times where the lead single of one of Britney's albums was fitting!

·     her best song, period.

·     Iconic. Beat is amazing. Smart lyrics. 

·     This song is the definition of legendary. It is an amazing dance-pop sound with electrifying production and definitely can put u in the mood to dance. Also the iconic line "Its britney ____" was birthed from this song.

·     LEGENDARY in deed

·     Britney gave us one of the most iconic album openings. Its Britney, *****. Commanding our attention and letting us know shes on a mission to deliver pop perfection. 

·     Most iconic album opener ever and the perfect way to kick off her comeback. I'm glad she scrapped "Umbrella".

·     This is literally one of the best songs UP TO DATE. I got double penetrated during Gimme More and I'm so proud

·     I mean come on, this is perfection! Who does not want to pole dance every time this song is on ?

·     Iconic song

·     From the moment I heard IT'S BRITNEY ***** my life was never the same anyone. Pop Perfection. I was so sad it got a ****ty video because this deserved something stunning.

·     Not only is this my favourite song from Blackout, but it’s probably my all time favourite Britney songs. The iconic ‘It’s Britney *****!’ opening line, the chilling atmospheric electropop production, the adrenaline rush everytime I listen to this… and despite what some people think, this track is clearly about the media and their fascination with Britney. It’s such an EPIC pop song. 

·     Iconic is the only word. One of her best first singles.

·     This is easily my favorite song out of her entire career, if any song was deserving of a #1 on the charts it should have been this one. Absolute perfection, Iconic, and no one should try to remake it as a pop song (looking at you Miley, Sia made it different enough).

·     Pop perfection! It’s fun, it’s catchy, and it makes you want to dance (clothing optional). Let’s not forget it birthed the greatest line in pop history... IT’S BRITNEY *****! 

·      wonderful song that can turn me on easily

·      I still wait for this song to get the legendary performance it deserves. It's a big part of pop culture since it gave us "it's Britney, *****" and it doesn't have a great performance yet.

·      H0E ANTHEM

that's rightttt:comingthru_britney_circus_2008_boobs_chest_smile_walking_hat_happy:   

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