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Slant Magazine ranks all of Britney's albums from worst to best

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21 minutes ago, JeniLeeSK8 said:

I've been a viewer of this board for a long time and I honestly can't remember if I've ever posted so this may be my first post. 

AGREE 100000000%. 

Well then welcome to exhale :) 


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There is no way Oops is her worst album!!  It's one of my trinity 

Brenda Jone is obv her worst. Oops is way better than Britney and Baby lbr here.  Plus it's her most critically acclaimed album if I am not wrong.

Not at OIDIA being lower than Broccoli Juice 

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1. Blackout

2. In the Zone

3. Britney

4. Glory

5. Femme Fatale

6. Baby One More Time

7. Oops I Did It Again

8. Circus

9. Britney Jean

A few thoughts/explanations:

I’m not mad at lists that swap Blackout and ITZ. I personally think Blackout is THE pinnacle, but agree that ITZ is also a masterpiece.

Glory might be above Britney if the bonus tracks had been swapped out for the weaker album cuts.

Femme/Baby/Oops are the hardest for me to rank. Femme is sleek and consistent, but I need to be in the mood. The first 7 tracks of Oops are pop heaven, but the 2nd half isn’t nearly as strong. Baby is above Oops for me because I find it more consistent (and I don’t want to hear from y’all haters of the iconic Email My Heart).

Just because Circus is 8 doesn’t mean it’s bad or that I don’t like it. I just find it a bit more uneven than many of her other albums. And I’m not so obsessed with Unusual You, which I think gives the album an edge for many fans.

Britney Jean is the only album in the discography that is... meh. I think it’s hard to argue it shouldn’t be at the bottom.

Anyway - girl has two diamond certified albums in the US and over 100 million in sales worldwide. One of her albums is in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Library. Critics just can’t deal that their favorite target is an iconic albums artist.


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42 minutes ago, filmandstage13 said:

and I don’t want to hear from y’all haters of the iconic Email My Heart

And my theory that people with "Blackout-ITZ-Britney" as their trinity have the hottest tea & taste is proved correct (for the 1,786th time) :gagacrash:

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How have I only just seen this... as I’m an Oops! stan... IM ******* RAGING.

SH!TNEY JEAN IS BETTER THAN OOPS???  They do realise Oops held the highest amount records sold in a week and was certified platinum... right?

Oops brought us 




And every other track could’ve been a single! WHAT U SEE, CANT MAKE U LOVE ME!



Aww, you shouldn’t have 🙈💎

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For me its

1 & 2 ITZ & Blackout interchangeable depending on the day

3. Britney

4. Femme Fatale

5. Glory (love it all. Amazing songs,  but to me it feels incohesive. Like the tracks don't fit together. )

6. Oops

7. Baby

8. Circus (would be higher if bonus and deluxe etc tracks were on there instead of a lot of what made the album)

9. Britney Jean

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It’s hard to rank them because she’s never had “a bad album” other than BJ and even then the songs are catchy enough it’s just because we know it’s not Britney. 

In the Zone for me will always be my favourite Britney album. It’s so moody and sexy and just screams Britney. Blackout and Glory stand out too as solid Britney albums.

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IF those asshats think 'Oops' belongs ANYWHERE near the bottom of that list.... KICK ******* ROCKS. 


9. Britney Jean

8. Circus

7.  Britney

6. ... Baby, One More Time

5. Oops! ... I Did it Again

4. Femme Fatale

3. Blackout

2. Glory

1. In The Zone


Don't @me... 'In The Zone' was pop perfection. still is..... 

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This one is hard.

I would say

1 Blackout & In The Zone - I can't choose, but I tend to love Blackout more.

2 Circus (yes, i love Circus,  the first time i followed a Britney era ♥)

3 Britney

4 Glory (idk, maybe i would place it w Britney, at 3rd spot, but for now, i listen to Britney more)

5 Femme Fatale (because of the era, i really didnt enjoy this era, i was harsh on britney, but now i understand she wasnt ok)

6 Oops

7 Britney Jean

8 BOMT (just cause its the one I listen less to)

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