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Billboard's new #FreeBritney article: "Breathe Heavy launched the original 'Free Britney' campaign"

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This Billboard article made a timeline on how #FreeBritney started, it's progress, how far it went, and why it's still going on loud and strong. Here's what they said about BreatheHeavy:

I don't think hashtags were a thing in 2009   I actually can answer your question because as you can imagine I've had a lot of places asking me about this movement. So I went back through old old

Also I just wanna say on the record that I'm an idiot lol. Billboard actually reached out to me to comment on this article a few weeks ago and I legit meant to respond, but I forgot and now I'm kickin

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Congratulations, Jordan. 

And yes, I vaguely remember fans eating you alive for not supporting Jamie. Ever since the 2008 documentary, it was clear this was an unfair deal for her. How fans supported it is beyond me. I guess the masses follow whatever mass media tells them to believe. 

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32 minutes ago, PokemonSpears said:

As someone that was part of that group of people that went along with it, I gotta say, the main reason was the lack of transparency that there was surrounding her case. Of course everybody followed what the mass media said, since that was the only source of information we had :nicki2_minaj_awkward_nicki_ooh_welp_well_look_blonde_hat:, especially those of us living outside the USA, in an era when social media wasn't what it is today. Which is why a lot of people also think she's "crazy" to this day, because that's how the media painted her the previous year.

If one day you're seeing your idol struggling for her life (that's how the media showed her) and then after whatever the conservatorship did (a legal concept that doesn't even exist in most countries) we see her glowing, winning awards at the VMA's, releasing Womanizer, Circus, touring, etc, why would we think it was a bad thing for her? They really had all the elements to convince people of their narrative, how could anyone think that a star of the caliber of Britney would be tricked into such a scam, allowed by the system and the society?

Even if we knew back then how shady and illegal the whole process of putting her under the conservatorship was, probably most people would've justified it saying it was the best for her and the only way to save her.


What could've fans done though, when after that 2007 infamous video, most of the people that learned you were a Britney fan would automatically deem you as another Chris Crocker that whined for attention, a joke. General public was still consuming her brand back then, so the impact wouldn't have been that important.


I keep going back to the same point, this is not about how fans allowed this or supported this, it's, how did the system allow such a thing in the first place, and that's why I love Lisa McCarley's letter, because everyone keep focusing on whether or not Britney needs the conservatorship now, as if she really needed it to begin with, instead of asking why did that judge grant them the conservatorship jumping over everything that the law says, without proper evidence, without allowing her to defend herself, without notifying her beforehand, without trying other resources first. Just as Jamie is getting exposed now, that's how the judge Reva Goetz should be exposed too, and all the lawyers and everyone involved since the beginning.

I love what you wrote and it's something I completely agree with. On my part, I do not think fans are the ones to blame. Of course is the system and all the corruption behind it. Fans do not have to know the legal nature of this situation. It is the judges, the laws, the leeches. 

I have to say, this should be a lesson for us all, being educated people in those topics we are passionate about is a necessity in an era where misinformation is the only certainty. We need to raise our consciousness and be aware of that which might not be so obvious. That is why in another post I said, I understand fans wanting another album, but in this moment is completely out of touch with what should be the priorities, which is letting a grown up woman recover her basic rights. 

Thanks for writing that. 


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I remember that banner and the mess that followed. 
Jordan said free Britney before any of yall. A controversial and brave thing to say during a time when no one was even paying attention.:holduplisten_hold_up_listen_preach_telling_wisdom_wise:
Jordan,we stan!:queenflopga:

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1 hour ago, Jordan Miller said:

The way I laughed so hard at that :tiffcackle_Tiffany_miss_ny_New_York_pollard_laugh_giggle_lol_haha_hehe:

it really is a shame you didn't respond :yesokay: it was a nice article and it was the perfect opportunity to give your opinion about the subject

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 I am a performer. I am a Mom. I am funny. I am your friend! I am Britney Jean

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There were so many red flags from the beginning though. The cship resuscitated Britney’s career & image while using access to be sons to manipulate  her into compliance. Britney’s CONservatorship... conservatorships in general are about MONEY, CONTROL and POWER. There was NEVER any intention placed on rehabilitating Britney the woman. Sure there are those who actually need it and use it for it’s original intended purpose that the law states. But the corruption and abuse (often literal physical ABUSE runs rampant and unchecked to this very day!!

The conservatorship of Britney Spears never EVER should  have been implemented regardless of how much of a dire straits position Britney was in circa 2007/2008. If you’d read what it would take to remove someone from a conservatorship then you’d understand why I’m saying this. This is where Britney is in now. It’s such a complicated process that almost never happens because usually the conservators are so old they die before they can get it removed. OR they managed to have the conservatorship removed but end up broke.

Do this bit of homework over the weekend: Google Danny Tate. Read about his career, his life, his family, his lapse into drug abuse, his custody battles with his ex wife, the TN probate judge then read his book Fugitive From Injustice!! Please!! 😢 😩💔

Danny is literally ONE of the lucky ones. He made it out of his CONservatorship alive AND got to write about the ordeal. Don’t sleep on him. Order and read his book ASAP. Definitely are strong parallels between his & Britney’s story and experience with toxic relatives, shady conservatorships & all who work to keep allowing it to happen to others across the country.

Something about the arrangement seemed suspect to me around July 2008 when the child custody case reached an “agreement” avoiding a trial over the kids with KFed. For The Record, as I stated before, was a lot of propaganda (thanks to thirsty *** MTV for going along with it🙄) with some glimpses into Britney’s new normal. When docs were filed to make the conservatorship permanent (Oct. 2008, taking effect Jan. 2009) it was clear that (1) that wasn’t the right thing to do and (2) Britney would catch hell if/when she ever was allowed to try to get outta this thing.

So many people just wanted Britney “safe” and return to the bubbly blonde pop princess of years prior which is exactly what we got with Circus album, at least aesthetically speaking. What people-even Britney- expected or needed from Jamie & the conservatorship arrangement isn’t what she expected, deserve or really needed. It was sketchy from jump. I’m glad young fans are putting the pieces of the puzzle together now. Maybe that’s also part of the problem?? This fan base was so young and naive. Now the majority are grown ups who’ve been through some **** and can understand better what is happening.

There were a few other people who noticed the red flags too. I wish this site hadn’t have gotten hacked so you all could see that!! I don’t blame fans for drinking the kool aid at that time. I blame Jamie, Larry, Lou, the Spears family, Team CON, TMZ pushing the pro-Jamie/pro-Conservatorship narrative, the complicit media for INTENTIONALLY turning a blind eye to things and ultimately the corrupt af California probate system for allowing this to go on.

I don’t know if this fan base is entirely tuned in now to the hell Jamie put Jordan through. Jordan was just a teenager with an immense love for Britney the pop star but who was shaken to see what was really going on and why, in reference to the conservatorship + Britney the woman. Jordan’s eyes have been open for the longest. But he had to make some choices along the way it seems— for this website and for himself. It couldn’t have been easy for him nor was Jordan perfect throughout it all.

Fans are just that- fans: often blindly loyal to their fave, overly praising of their fave, ruthlessly attacking any naysayers and sycophantic to the extreme. The Comeback era was in full force no way could Jordan or anyone go up against that machine. Britney’s team & family knew it. But he did try... 😞 it fell on deaf ears. I participated too long as well supporting the Britney brand through my purchases and fan accounts. I held on to hope though but my hope wavered. It still does. I couldn’t take it anymore. It’s almost like disconnecting from a cult. It’s not easy to break away. It’s necessary though. Support Britney not the brand was/is easier said than done.

It’s maddening that it’s taken SO LONG for fans and media to see what’s been in front of them this entire time. Britney’s actions always spoke louder than her words spoken from her own mouth or what was printed!! It’s crazy how people kept paying to see her post Femme Fatale and go to overpriced m&g when it was painfully obvious she didn’t really like it, it affected her wellbeing and Britney wasn’t in a position then to change that. I can understand the fans/media’s mindset during the Circus era but if FF wasn’t enough of a warning sign or wake up call then what would it take??😐😬😑

I’m rambling. Anyway. I’m proud of you, Jordan!! You’ve come so far. I’m thankful for this site and your stance from years ago and I’m happy you’re getting recognized for it. Finally!! 🙌👏👏 #FreeBritney #BoycottTheBritneyBRAND #BoycottBritneyTheZone #InvestigateLouTaylor and FFS #EndCONservatorshipAbuse


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I knew those days. I was closely following this website. However something has changed during the last 11 years. I thought maybe team conservatorship has contacted Jordan to stop it or threatened with some copyright stuff. I am not accusing anyone, but this website turned into a nicer version of Perez Hilton with all the boring pop music information rather than hard, real stuff about Britney and her situation. Anyway congrats to Jordan, you fought hard, at least in the beginning. Nobody has to bring up depressive conservatorship stuff all the time, while the rest of the world is asleep. But now people are realizing this mess is not right, so let's keep fighting. 

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This dude analyzes her body language, but this is not why I post this video. I post it because, rgarding the red flags (huge) @generation glory mentions, this little clip from "For The Record" (starts around minute 5:56) with her douchebag dad and Larry loser, planning her birthday without any regard to her at all is disturbing enough. Then you add her tears, the fact that she begged for a break since 2003 and she was thrown into studios to produce song after song, controlling her time with her kids, her dissatisfaction on stage. All of it said a lot about her situation. If the world was less aware of mental health or something, I don't know but boy was it so concerning and people just slept on it for 12 years. 

I also post this video for this:


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13 hours ago, Jordan Miller said:

I don't think hashtags were a thing in 2009 :haha: 

I actually can answer your question because as you can imagine I've had a lot of places asking me about this movement. So I went back through old old posts of mine in search of the first time I used the term "Free Britney" which I believe was January 2009. 


Look what I wrote :omggg:

It's super interesting to me to look back at how I wrote, the way I thought, 11 years ago. It's all right there. :mj:

Anyway, appreciate the shout-out, Billboard! :hugs:

LOVE this!:omggg:

I wonder where she would be right now if back in 2008/2009 the entire fanbase demanded justice like we are doing now all coming together...

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