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Lance Bass's husband is throwing Britney under the bus

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Just now, Karmickiss said:

I hope I don't get bashed for saying this but I've thought about this relating to DID(dissociative identity disorder) and I want to clarify that in no way does it excuse a conservatorship and it's not a disability in any way. I follow 2 women who have DID on Youtube and they live completely independent normal lives. It's definitely something I've wondered with Britney because of the british accent etc. but yeah anyway Lance & his bf are still clowns for speaking ignorantly about her current situation and even for back then because they're not psychologists lol.

Youtube is not the most reliable source for understanding DID, but yes, you can live independent, you can be relatively stable, you can make your own decisions etc, it depends. But it is common that it hits you hard "at the beginning", so I can imagine this is what happened with her too: she was dissociating and/or struggling with amnesia/memory loss and different parts.

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Lance would do anything for publicity I wish he and his boyfriend would stfu I would love to see if anyone else was under the restrictions she was. So many people have let her down it’s so sad

People forget how quickly Britney went back to work. You can’t justify what happened in 2007 for a 12 year c-ship. Stop gas lighting the situation. Did she need an intervention yes. But turning it int

Hmmm so if .  IF what he's saying is true and Britney cant remember her best friend , her family and cannot put clothes on and sits in a corner and laughs at the wall for 2 days straight , then why wa

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This guy is a troll. Britney fans are trashing him and he keeps responding like he’s not in the wrong for speaking public on someone he doesn’t know. 

but keep flaming him folks he deserves it 

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6 hours ago, Buffybot said:

when Taryn Manning did a post saying she was worried about Britney? That was deleted and the next day she did another one apolologizing to Britney and to clarify she didn't want media attention, and blaming us (Britney fans) to "make her" say something. Jamie Lynn saw and liked this post, but didn't like the deleted one.

Did she really do this?so she's a worse human being and a worse sister than I imagined.


5 hours ago, Bundy said:

But they were with her backstage in 2016 on her bday,

Imagine saying that you have been on her birthday to a simple meeting backstage. What kind of birthday party is that?.

- It makes me mad you don't see that something is wrong and if she is such a friend and you care why don't you ask what happens or you worry about her.

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What that dumb ****er fails to understand is that there's an ABYSS between needing an intervention with psychological/psychiatric help and being stripped from all your rights as if you're a 97 year old elder with alzheimer's.
God, Britney's very name is like a lamp that keeps attracting all sorts of disgusting bugs, everyone wants to jump on the gravy train and get something out of her, whether it's money, attention or conections; piece of me really is a revealing song in this sense.
He wants attention, lets not give it to him.

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I will say this again and again..If she didn’t know who lance was or her FAMILY! Then why was she sent on three world tours? She obviously remembered tour routines every damn night. Also I’m sure she was drugged up to the max which would confuse anyone 

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From what I read he was trying to explain Lance's words about "trusting the system" because it felt like a misleading information, since Lance was getting a lot of backlash for that, and states there was a concern behind the scenes (apart from what we know on 2007) that led Britney to a conservatorship (but it doesn't mean she need it for more than 12 years ofc). 

First rule: Never get in a fight with Twitter ppl :jl:

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No one has ever denied that she had some issues and needed help back then, what are they even talking about lol? The thing is that her ******* family members only care about money! Her ******* dad is a psychopath dictator, and she’s been under this crazy thing for 12 years! 
If she was THAT bad that makes her family look even worse, putting her to work months after, recording, performing, doing world tours... I mean if she was/is THAT bad why no one lives with her or close to her??? They all live in another state and let other random people monitor her like wtf. 
And what kind of idiot would talk about his ”best friend” as if she is a lunatic?? 
Stop trying to be relevant. Britney doesn’t care about you and she probably never cared that much lol. Bye.

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10 minutes ago, crystaldaly said:

Sorry my English sucks. That should've been "Lance Bass' husband".

No not at all!

Your English is perfect and 
I’m sorry that my comment came across that way.

I was just joking that I stopped reading the article when I saw the name ‘Lance Bass’s husband’

My bad!!


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18 minutes ago, Britneylandia said:

This is just disgusting. We love and care about Britney but we are going to throw her under the bus to make us look better! F.UCK YOU!

What a trashbag human. You don’t say these things about people close to you. 

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Britney fans: why isn’t anyone in her life saying anything!?

*someone who has known her says something, but it happens to be something they didn’t want to hear*

britney fans: what a disgusting person! How dare he speak about the personal matters of someone he considers a friend even though we have spent a year and a half basically demanding any and all information about Britney and her situation


seriously, let’s not pretend y’all care about her personal business and privacy all the sudden. Most freebritney goons would be pressing their ear up to a courtroom door trying to hear every single detail about her life. Entitled as hell. Everyone needs to stop pretending like they want people from her inner circle to speak up, because anytime they do they just get attacked for not feeding into the conspiracy. The only people speaking out are random fans, random celebs or random industry people who spent an hour with her 7 years ago lol. Literally everyone else who would know something was going on hasn’t said much and likely won’t. I know you all want some excuse as to why she doesn’t give a **** anymore, and a reason why Beyoncé and everyone else eclipsed her fame because she just stopped trying, but some wild goose chase conspiracy isn’t going to bring back old Britney. 

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