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What's more important to you in a guy: Face or Body?

Whats more important to you in a guy: Face or Body?  

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So- whats the most important feature to you when youre looking for a guy- the face or the body?  If its the face- are you willing to be with a hot-faced guy who has a less than pristine body?

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8 hours ago, ralphcornio said:

Just expressing my feelings towards the most superficial thread I've ever come across during my three years of exhale.  :oprah:


7 hours ago, RacingDownBlvd said:

Say it louder for the people in the back. OP perpetuating the worst stereotype about vapid gay culture.

‚ÄĚYou must be fun at parties‚ÄĚ -OP

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7 hours ago, ralphcornio said:

Exactly my thoughts. I didn't want to go into that merit, but since you already did, let me complement that this stereotype is one of the most contributing factors for people to avoid and hate on gays like they do. And with people like this, I can't even blame them. We don't want to perpetuate the image of the gays as being uncultured and as people that consume nothing other than ***, *** appeal and pop music 24/7. You can do better than that :sendinglove_kissing_heart_love_blowing:

You can pretend it doesnt exist all you want, but the fact is- physical attraction is a major and central tenet of attraction in general for the vast majority of living things. 

Many species of female birds pick male partners based on how attractive their feathers and dances are.

Male fish show off their scales and fins to attract a mate.

Nearly every species of mammal picks mates based on physical aspects like size and color.

And humans pick partners based on what they find attractive, which usually has to do with many physical aspects, among other things.

But youre free to pretend that physical attraction isnt a big deal in human nature. Just like how Russia pretends and publicly claims that they have 0 homosexuals (another facet of human nature). Its just denying reality.

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On 9/7/2020 at 10:14 PM, DonoDotto said:

I think personality has a lot to do with the face. The face is the door to the soul, and can tell you a lot about who a person is.

Nah. Face is face. Personality is who you are as a person. How you treat people, what your passions and interests are etc. Face and body are both appearance based options that at the end of the day, really shouldn't play a role when it comes to dating. In my opinion anyway. I choose personality ty.

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On 9/8/2020 at 2:06 PM, Illegally EATEN said:

Then make another poll about "personality and character" ;)

This is specifically to do with the physical aspect, and not necessarily to do with a life long partner:)

Ok yeah I get it you're right but for me, even if its just ***, the way someone is gonna approach me, the moves, the talk, the way they flirt comes into play with looks. I have never gone out looking for a face or a body to take home. That's just me. Personality is part of the attraction even if its just ***. I'm not taking a mannequin home Ha Ha Lol GIF

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