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The movement shouldn’t die out once Jamie is removed.

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32 minutes ago, ThisMeowBiteback said:

I think if she beat Jamie, she will definitely speak after that & than we will know for sure how to proceed 

Yes, the straw to break the camel's back

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Can you imagine the bio movie (if they were to do one with effort, and without the bias of making Britney look bad) that would be made once Britney is out of this conservatorship?

Part 1: The teen pop years

Part 2: The rebellion

Part 3: The Meltdown

Part 4: The comeback

Part 5: The Conservatorship and Vegas

Part 6: #FreeBritney and rumors of corruption

Part 7: Britney retires???? Or whatever.....

I don't think there's many rock or pop stars that had had such a dramatic story for their life! :typing:

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After Jamie we got a huge list of people and companies to drag to the dirt. After Jamie gets removed the movement will probably be even more validated by the media and will get even bigger and stronger.

We've Just Begun (Having Our Fun) :cheersney:

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We have to wait for the court to void the NDAs a lot of people signed to work with Britney/her team. It's a lot of people actually. I know that not everybody will speak, not everybordy has the right info we need, but... Just imagine, how many people worked with her on the X-Factor, which wasn't a one time thing. I'm sure they have a lot of tea on how Britney was treated. There was a lot of crew AND other celebrities. I also think, there were rumors floating on the set. Wasn't it also the audience on the auditions noticing something strange about Britney's behavior?

I'm pretty sure Demi Lovato has some tea also. She's been showing low-key support for Britney on social media but like without mentioning #freeBritney. People know a lot, but are still scared of legal consequetions. But with all the good news we've got, they will be able to speak very soon. It's not like it's just for the gossips or something. The world should know what our Queen's been through. :katycry:

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I think the majority of us know the movement will not end when Jamie is removed, we will not stop until the conservatorship is terminated :kyliecry:

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Exactly. Regular people, media and even "insiders" are focusing way too much on Jamie, he's done for good and isn't the brain of the c-ship.

He is the first step, that's It. If after he leaves people think Britney will be free announcing new album and residency you can tell that was just a plan to be back to the business without a bunch of fans pissing them off.

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I think once he is out of the picture we need to see how Britney herself is. I need to see her being free and in control. I need to see her speaking on things authentically once she has the liberty to do so. By no means will I stop fighting for her freedom but the contrast between pre cship Britney and c ship Britney is so huge that we will be absolutely sure if she is still unhappy with the arrangement. 

It's obvious she wants the whole thing dissolved tbh so we just need to be ready to roar when the signal is there.

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Very true and that's surely Britney's goal, so we should not take this as granted and keep the movement going. Step by step and our girl will be free :pumped:

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