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Britney Spears supports the #FreeBritney movement and wants the conservatorship case open to the public

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Britney Spears not only supports the #FreeBritney movement, but wants her conservatorship case open to the public. Britney severely mistrusts her father Jamie, who is currently conservator of her

What happened to you TMZ???????? Did someone forget your fat paycheck for month 9? 

Ok so I just had a chance to read everything, re-write the articles, post on social media and all that jazz.  I honestly can't recall her ever EVER publicly supporting this movement until now. So

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30 minutes ago, JonJon92 said:

It feels like tmz found out about these documents and flipped the narrative quick! Anyway glad they’re on our side! 

let's be real, supporting Jamie they know that this is doomed lmao.

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17 minutes ago, MonaLisa613 said:

This just gets better and better, this is amazing!!!


it just started. don't wanna reach the stars but I want them in JAIL and to be public acknowledgement 

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1 minute ago, summer2summer said:


Notice how she basically supported the entire movement and public support LEGALLY? She didn't steal anyone's phone and recorded "FREE ME" no she did it officially. Which furthermore cements our "speculations" maybe a prove that she can't address us through social media. 

coudln't ask for better, let's dig all the financial corruption and send it to court yall  :typing:

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25 minutes ago, Karmickiss said:

I wholeheartedly believe this now that I see they used fan signs as evidence and even fan quotes about the conservatorship being corrupt. It makes me so emotional to think about it. I know whoever made that sign is FREAKING the **** out right now :o

No matter what happens she knows we love and believe in her. :hugs:

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1 minute ago, Stifler's Mom said:

YES. and also a restraining order for both Jamie and Lou, to STAY AWAY from her :typing:

I wouldn't be at all surprised if that's her next step once Jamie is removed. 

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2 hours ago, Intheblue said:

If she wants a career after all this she should really drop the name Spears and just be “Britney” as the ultimate **** you to her family lol

Britney Asghari coming for your wigs in 2022  :kylie:

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I want to show you the different sides of Britney Spears. I am a performer. I am a Mom. I am funny. I am your friend! I am Britney Jean

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