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Jamie Lynn Spears Seeks More Control Over Britney Spears’ Fortune

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29 minutes ago, generation glory said:

I see it now, thank you.😊 Do you know of a timeline that’s been created detailing the financial side of the conservatorship & Trust that is current? Hindsight is always 20/20. I’m sure I’ve overlooked or not noticed things as years went on. I stopped checking court website & reading docs because it all seemed stagnant and depressing. But yes, something caused the boat to rock. For sure!!

nope. This is the 1st big update on the trust. Prior to this, we know that in 2008 Bryan and Taback took over and the first thing they did was to transfer Britney Touring the company to the cship. Over the years, every Britney company under the trust was handed to the cship and most were dissolved and Jamie/Wallet made presidents. Probably other assets such as jewels and cars and stuff were handed to the cship too.

Bryan and Taback eventually gave up. Cship still claimed they didn't have control of the trust. And that was it.

And she has at least another trust, Love Shack Trust.

Maybe Leanne's timeline has something to situate on.

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If Britney winds up dead for trying to be free, there isn’t a fan alive who wouldn’t seek Justice for her until the entire criminal family and their associates are behind bars.  We will know it was mu

JL is not the problem, fine, thats okay. The weird thing is how involved Lou is in EVERY-THING, when really there should be someone with credibility, like, real lawyers..

all this talk about Britney dying makes me so ******* uncomfortable  

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I don't think there will be good news until Britney's kids turn 18, 21 or 25... I hope that they turn out responsible and as loving and caring to their mom as she has been to them. 

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3 minutes ago, Dreamer26 said:

All I want to say is that I hope this is not beginning of a planned murder :decisions:

This place is starting to point fingers that way and I don’t want it.

what can we do to stop her death over everything else rn 

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2 hours ago, Jordan Miller said:

Hmmm, I feel like this makes sense. It's going to the youngest person in the family to manage if Britney god forbid....

It doesn't mean she has access to Britney's money.

Who else would it be? Kevin? Her mom? 

Suspect though that it was amended in 2018. 


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This actually makes me sick. When are they going to clue in that the family isn’t helping her, allegedly. Like Jesus Christ. Take her out of the conservatorship and let her control her wealth and businesses. It’s really starting to get on my nerves and of course a business that’s tied into that cow of a woman, Lou is invoked. Why is she even involved??? I don’t trust this. At all. :drag:

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1 hour ago, PZHSB said:

This is pretty standard. Most people have a beneficiary set in place in their will to take care of the financial distribution and selling of the assets. JL is essentially in charge of the trust, which is set up for Britney’s kids, should Britney die before those boys are 18. 
This is a much wiser decision than leaving it to Kevin to fight for control over the trust. 

Quoting myself for all your dramatic ***** jumping to conclusions and finding the worst in everything 

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9 minutes ago, Dreamer26 said:

All I want to say is that I hope this is not beginning of a planned murder :decisions:

Pardon me....? I’m crying. Guys I’m getting really weird vibes :wendycry:

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I had a trust from my fathers estate. When he died, my aunt was his selected trustee. The trust was set up to give me x amounts of funds at 18,21 and the final at 28. When I was under 18 she used it to pay for school, my car insurance etc.  That’s what this is for. Jamie Lynn CANNOT use the money for anything but Britney’s boys. Trusts are set up so they don’t blow through the money all at once. 

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2 hours ago, Watch Me Work It said:

so... does anyone else find suspicious that this happened in 2018, and Britney's meds "stopped working" (or whatever other excuse they gave us to lock her up) happened in early 2019, and Lou's company suddenly has $600million out of nowhere? :mhmsureny:


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15 minutes ago, Dreamer26 said:

All I want to say is that I hope this is not beginning of a planned murder :decisions:

smh some of y’all really take things too far

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1 hour ago, Steel Magnolia said:

There was a time during the beginning of the Glory era when I believe that Bryan took over the role of Tour Manager from Jamie.

It would have meant that Jamie was less present in Britney's day-to-day life.


So why did Bryan recede into the background again?

And does that correspond with Britney's slide downhill?

For some reason, I think it has to do with the unreleased Make Me video. I suspect Jamie and Lou accused Britney and Bryan of botching it and causing her to "owe" her record company...hence the POM tour.

I don't know if I'm connecting dots that shouldn't be connected...but there's something there.

He did mention on that interview he did that they lived together in Vegas which ive never seen discussed. Maybe he wasn't officially in charge but the family felt he could "watch" her more and less and it seems he gave her more freedom. Which is why we saw her at parties and enjoying herself at that time.


I'm think he left maybe for job reason who knows though everything is such a mystery  with her.

You'll never see it my way because you're not me -Britney 

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1 minute ago, Z_Phoenix20 said:

I don’t understand why everyone is freaking out.  This is good news 

Anything relating to Any of her family but her mother, being tied into her conservatorship is not a good thing. Her family can **** off.  

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7 minutes ago, BritneyLVR said:

Pardon me....? I’m crying. Guys I’m getting really weird vibes :wendycry:

Ok maybe I was too dramatic. It makes sense when u think about JL is the youngest family member.  But still timing makes me worries. 

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Just now, Karmickiss said:

Jamie Lynn and Lou Taylor's closeness is unnerving..Lou is like a boa constrictor strangling Britney's life. God I hope justice is swift.

Jamie Lynn is disgusting 

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