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Britney Spears files court docs asking that her father Jamie be removed as conservator

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16 minutes ago, Catalin said:

This is huge guys!

They scared and running blind acting right now bc pressure has been applied . Sorry but no way in hell would Andrew wallet have given up that fat paycheck UNLESS he was trying to not go down with that burning ship. That was a HUGE red flag that something wasn’t right . Nobody walks away from a white whale aka cash cow like Britney .



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Love that TMZ is trying to convince us Britney will be happy to stay in the conservatorship if Jodi remains the conservator  WE KNOW SHE DOSENT WANT TO BE UNDER A CONSERVATORSHIP end of story reg

The article states she wants to keep Jodi as her conservator. Not Lou. Jeez this title almost gave me a heart attack lol

I don’t think you guys are understanding this properly... In order to SUCCEED in terminating the conservatorship, she needs to get rid of her verbally and mentally abusive and restrictive father. If s

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28 minutes ago, Haha-Hehe-Haha-Ho said:

@UnyewsualYew are you muumuse or just a doppel?l

Just a doppel. I'm pro Britney's freedom and if I remember right he calls it a conspiracy.  I could never demote my being to such trash levels 

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TMZ trying to spin it to suit their narrative. Well seeing they made no mention of the fact that the motion itself states Britney and Ingham believe Jamie will "aggressively contest" it nor have they mentioned that Ingham believes it's in Britney's best interests. 

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I also don't trust Ingham but we'll see:parisok:

I don't want to bring negativity but before a hearing there're always good news of what is going to happen but at the end nothing happens.

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Well...its nice to hear theres some movement around this but...it doesn't sound like great news :smokney2: It sounds like they are trying to frame Jamie as the only bad guy and have TriStar aka Loucifer take over and call all of the shots :zoomzoom: I feel like Britney knows what she's doing and it was reported on another thread that she requested a litigator. 

Guess we'll have to wait and seeeeee :walkonby:

*~Living Legend You Can Look But Don't Touch :cutesybritney_tongue_britney_p_lick:~*

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It seems Samuel inghams actually trying to get the conservatorship changed not removed completely he says Britney has never filed to terminate (but has been considering it) but would much prefer Jodi to remain conservator of her person and a professional corporation (e.g. a bank) to become conservator of her estate.

Interesting that he points out that Britney herself has directly made these decisions with him and also that he expects Jamie to fight these changes strongly 

I don't understand why Jamie would want to fight these changes so much if he was purely working in Britney's best interests it seems clear hes scared to lose his salary from the conservatorship. Surely most father's would be happy for their daughter to choose a conservator that makes them happy and to have their money controlled by a proper corporation 

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If there was a scale from one to ten then my love for you would be a million billion!

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22 minutes ago, DignifiedLove said:

In a shocking revelation, the document reveals Britney may be considering filing to TERMINATE the conservatorship as a whole, but has not done so at this point.



also TMZ confirmed that Britney is refusing to work.

I ******* love her. I hope to god she protests the **** out Of this the only way she Can. It seems she is taking it skogly. Which is fine as long as she IS considering it. 
i hope she goes through with it, hires a Good Psychiatrist and works on herself as she adjust to her daily life.

if true. good luck tomorrow too Britney

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11 minutes ago, misslyss26 said:

How do we know it’s not just to fight Jamie out of the conservator of estate? I hope this means actually ending it

This is what I think is happening 

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15 minutes ago, misslyss26 said:

How do we know it’s not just to fight Jamie out of the conservator of estate? I hope this means actually ending it

Yes, this is the impression I'm under. It's a move to replace Jamie with Jodi. Not to get Britney out of it entirely. I think the lawyersforbritney post is a bit misleading. 

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