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Britney Spears files court docs asking that her father Jamie be removed as conservator

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5 hours ago, Lauramiller2702 said:

I don’t understand why she wants to keep the conservatorship. Surely if she is being suppressed and basically held captive then she would file to terminate it and make plans with people she trusts to help her get her life back, not just change the people in control?!

It might be a process for her. It’s safer to do it step by step...Safer in the sense that this way might be the best way to get her wishes granted.

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Love that TMZ is trying to convince us Britney will be happy to stay in the conservatorship if Jodi remains the conservator  WE KNOW SHE DOSENT WANT TO BE UNDER A CONSERVATORSHIP end of story reg

The article states she wants to keep Jodi as her conservator. Not Lou. Jeez this title almost gave me a heart attack lol

I don’t think you guys are understanding this properly... In order to SUCCEED in terminating the conservatorship, she needs to get rid of her verbally and mentally abusive and restrictive father. If s

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19 minutes ago, ConceptD said:

This is what I think personally. It's sad but it will probably work. I feel like they tried this tactic last year when they first made Jodi the conservator and it didn't work so they're now taking extreme measures. 

We're stronger with the movement, tho. So, they can only pray.

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A bit more assured after those tweets by BritneysGram.

Still skeptical and hesitant and think there's a real need to keep a close eye on the likes of Lou and especially Ingham/Jodi though - are they just afraid of the conservatorship sham/scheme in general being exposed/more public knowledge so it won't be as easy to exploit other people in the future with it so they're finally trying to look out for Britney's interests now too so they won't look as bad/evil? or do they still have other shady plans to keep making money at Britney's expense in the future? I guess we'll sadly have to wait as usual, ugh.

Wishing for the best!



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Hi guys, can someone help out?

Does anyone have any links either to news articles or directly to the conservatorship files (or images) that show that Britney is given an allowance of money per week? 

And the parts that try to show she has dementia? 

I posted a comment on reddit about how she has been controlled and someone has stated that I don't know that any of what I posted is true and I don't have time for that kind of negativity. 

(If anyone finds my comment and the response on reddit please remember to post with sources and with politeness, we need to educate the world about Britney and it's better to do so with kindness than rudeness!) 

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29 minutes ago, GirlOnTheMoon said:


i find It super interesting that Britney herself want This to be public!!!! Our girl has come to fight and she won’t be stopped by Yucky Colon!


I'm confused. So, does this mean we'll get to see some the outcome of tomorrow's hearing because it won't be sealed? Or it will be sealed?

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I understand this is going to be a long process, but... I still think Jamie isn't the biggest problem here. I mean yeah, he is awful, abusive and should be locked up, but the man seems dumb as hell. He's not the brain there, obviously.

They're throwing him as the "only" obstacle Britney has to gain her freedom.

At least more people are talking about the case again, I guess...

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One of the “teams” claims is that the conservatorship is required for Britney to obtain insurance for performing/touring.

If that’s the case what is their argument if she “says” she has no intention of performing 🤨

It’s not like they can say custody of the boys relies on it after Jamie..you know...

Nor can they argue how well her finances have been allegedly handled... cough.. Stonebridge Investment Council... cough..cough.. $600 Million..cough..

I only imagine with all the financial docs Twitter managed to locate,  just how much info Lynne’s lawyer has locked and loaded 🙏🏼



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It’s clear Britney wants her dad out of her business and personal affairs. He has held this position of power for too long. It makes 100% sense the reason why she hasn’t filed for termination is because in the current structure he will fight her aggressively with her money and resources why she only has Ingham.

We all want it to end on one court session. But it won’t. Hopefully with Jamie gone this includes LOU TAYLOR. Hopefully this also means she can choose who is around her (team). Her rights might increase over time in this new arrangement and then she can file to terminate with her own lawyer she chooses.  

See ya Jamie. Lou Taylor will be lost cause. I hope Britney gets a restraining order against Lou Taylor. I don’t trust her. 

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Also hopefully Britney knows she doesn't need a cship to have people taking care of her money. Every big celebrity has a team of people managing (should be Lou's job, but we know that's not the case) their Empire. Jay Z allegedly is a billionaire and most likely has an entire army to help him with ALL the money.

Other thing... Britney probably not only didn't want to do domination, but I believe she didn't want to perform that cheap 2018 tour either.

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This whole situation is a ********** headache and a roller coaster. We get so excited for nothing to ever change. Replace Jamie? So we are starting back at ground zero with new roles/titles? Why? Can’t this ever ******* end? I feel actual stress from all this bull****. The corruption. Britney’s freedom. The too-far fan conspiracies about any and everything including secret messages in her eyelashes. It’s all a ******* Riccus. 

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