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Lou Taylor denies "EVER" logging into Britney's Instagram account to post as her

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"Did you not see her post?" Lou thinking she'd completely cleared her name by creating that forced caption about how it was all Sam lutfis fault 

she's losing it, i love to see it 

The cracks are starting to form 

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So are we just gonna look past the sentence about Sam lutfi admitting to writing them? Is she referring to the email Britney wrote about Lou? :umomg:

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12 minutes ago, Busybee said:

Oh man is someone feeling the pressure? :riha:

I dislike her the most. I can deal with Jamie as thats her blood but this lady ugh 

And as much I hate Jamie I do feel like he was easily manipulated by Lou :mhm:

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20 minutes ago, Godney'sSweetCheeks said:

For someone who claims to care about God and be religious - she should know better. HELL is waiting :blast:

Reading you saing that and having a pic of Lou Lou on your avatar make me:slowdown:

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