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Choregraphers are sharing Domination rehearsals (without Britney)

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9 hours ago, studlygeorge said:

This is what im thinking. I think everyone here forgot that NappyTabs was producing this show. Their production is INCREDIBLE. I firmly believe based on other NappyTabs productions this show was NOT going to be a Piece of Me 3.0. While some of the choreo is definitely....interesting......I think the actual visuals and other production on stage were going to be absolutely amazing. I mean look at J.Lo & Shakira’s Super Bowl performance. That was a NappyTabs production. Domination was even rumored to have 360 projections on the stage similar to Taylor’s Rep Tour. I think this show was going to really amp up the effects that fans were demanding. Britney is known for her productions. Piece of Me was cute but wasn’t on par with the rest of her shows. 

Also is anyone else hearing that Perfect Lover is remixed? It’s mashed up with Slave 4 U. What if it was this performance and then it segued into Slave? That would make sense musically considering how Slave’s intro was quiet with a rumbling bass in the background before it goes into the breakdown?


Also NappyTabs said they were going to share new rehearsal videos on Twitter a while back. Then all of a sudden they said the B Army was “impatient” and “rude” so they didn’t share anything

Totally. WB looks simple in this rehearsal, but I bet that’s where they totally pulled out all the visual stops & it would have been insane. I had faith for this show. 

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Perfect Lover? we came this close to her acknowledging its existence the choreo looked pretty good too

Honestly, i'm not impressed.. It looks like there is basically no choreography for work ***** the Slave videos look much more promising - i'm unable to view the Perfect Lover one..

They do so much but achieve so little. This is HOW you do choreography, easy, slick, smooth and effective to look at  

Posted Images

BTI & WB are pretty bad. I liked the perfect Lover one though. Everything about Domination was too rushed, I had tickets to go, but I think it would have been somewhat disappointing because it didn’t feel like it was gonna really be a different show from piece of me. Hopefully whenever she does return to performing/Vegas we’ll have a new album. 

if they’re gonna show these, they should show overprotected and my prerogative, I’m still not convinced they were gonna be on the show... 

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These Routines are sooooo not brinny at all. I’m all for trying new things but that break the ice was not the tea... ....

perfect lover was good reminding me of the original gimme more synchronized choreography.  but the other 2 are just not on brand at all. And looked just as bad as the migos routine on Pom... I’m kinda glad the domination didn’t go thru with these routines..they would had my/our girl looking crazy we need mama **** confident and cool again. We need Brian and wade maybe even Laurie Ann Gibson. We need that Janet Jackson fire hard hitting fire choreography 🔥 

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5 hours ago, studlygeorge said:

This makes a lot of bold assumptions. First off, insiders were reporting Britney had major creative control when it came to this show. This is uncomfirmed, but so is your opinion that she “didn’t wanna do it”. In my honest opinion, this show screams Britney’s style and taste. Our girl has always wanted to give us a hardier and edgier vibe.

also confirmed: i asked if the Perfect Lover choreo was meant for Domination and they said no. It was just for a dance class (but also nothing in that post alluded to it being in Domination to begin with)

Mine is pure speculation, but given her apparent situation, do you really believe she has any creative input? Almost 15 years ago they didn't even let her release the music she wanted to put out and worked on. They pushed her into photoshoots she did not want to do (I mean, leaving the fitness magazine shoot in a heartbeat to go get KFC seems pretty idgaf about the shoot)

She has not had any real input in her work in years, she even mentions that in her 2008 documentary. If I remember correctly, her creative input in Piece of Me was... What, the tree from Toxic? I dunno, I might be wrong but that is my impression. 


And yeah, I don't think Nappytabs are bad at all. It wasn't André Fuentes or any of the choreograper's lack of talent, it is that there is no passion if a bunch of greedy ********* are pushing you to do things for their financial benefit. 

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23 hours ago, Slayer said:

Honestly, i'm not impressed..

It looks like there is basically no choreography for work *****

the Slave videos look much more promising - i'm unable to view the Perfect Lover one..

Yeah, if you isolate Britney's part, its a whole lot of touching yourself and hair flips. There's really not that much dancing. 

But unlike the majority, I actually really dig the BTI choreo. It's unique and definitely would look amazing in person. I think it loses something in the video, but the energy is electric. I like it.

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21 hours ago, Geralt_of_Rivia said:



FFS, make it simple but energetic.:lessons: They spend hours learning a complex choreography which looks like what children in the kindergarten are doing. :lessons:They can instead work on simplistic moves, add energy, sass and that Britney touch to them. :didilie:

Look at that Perfect Lover choreo, for instance. It looks good but the dancer in the middle (impersonating Britney) is doing a 'fierce walk'. Now, if you have at least 2 brain cells and Internet access you'd find dozens of youtube videos of Britney SKIPPING on stage.:imacat: She's not Beyonce and hasn't practised the catwalk fierce walk in a long time. :lessons:I'm talking about the past couple of years. :lessons:Jesus. :lessons: 

Make it simple and work on the attitude, improvisational movements, dance composition, formation, walk, structure of songs, etc. :lessons:

Do your own research, examine how Britney moves, what movements made her iconic on stage, etc and customise the choreography/performance according to that, not your dance Britney fricking fantasies. :lessons:Utter bullocks. :lessons:


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speak da truth sis :lessons:

are you British btw?  :lessons:

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I personally would've loved to see the finished product. I think NappyTabs would've brought some fresh production and Britney really seemed eager to dive into something new. I think she would've had POM 2.0 energy but with new choreo, which we were all craving (Britney probably was, too). The issue with POM towards the end wasn't energy -- it was the choreo and Britney's boredom with it... The fact that she was rehearsing months in advance for Domination and even met with dancers and taught them a routine says a lot about her involvement with the show. I mean, if the rumor is true about Jamie pulling the show as a punishment to Britney, then that underscores the idea that Britney actually wanted to do it.

Also, NappyTabs directly responded to fan opinions and feedback. That hasn't really happened with previous projects. For example, I tweeted them about how we as fans were missing high-level production like DWAD and I also said we would've appreciated a stripped back moment in the show where Britney really makes a connection with the audience. They replied that they were taking the ideas into consideration. Then we later received the rumored set list and production details, which included Britney traveling to all corners of the theater on a moving swing while singing a stripped-back version of Born to Make You Happy!

New production team + new choreographers + new remixes + an involved Britney = success. I really don't think it was going to be a rehash of POM. I can see how people assumed that due to how quickly the new show was starting, but I just don't think it would've been the recycled disappointment that many fans believe it was going to be with an entirely new creative team working on the show.

I also like that, even though the choreo wasn't necessarily difficult, it had a swag to it that was missing in most of the POM routines. Britney has always done well with fluid, hip hop style choreo, which POM mostly lacked. For example, I think this GM choreo would've suited Britney very well and I would kill for rehearsal footage of Britney doing it: 


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2 hours ago, jokobish said:



It was the same with the video of the dancers doing lucky. It wasn't going to be in the show they literally said they were just having fun seeing if some choreo could fit with random Britney songs 

If there was a scale from one to ten then my love for you would be a million billion!

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