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Choregraphers are sharing Domination rehearsals (without Britney)

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1 hour ago, Slayer said:

I LOVE the work ***** choreography, some of her best dancing in years!

I don't want them to slaughter it :katyclown: in this video she would have barely done anything.

Like a user said above, i hope she keeps the original WB choreography for if/when she performs again

Yes, it's iconic! It even makes up for that Myra Moray imposter on the main vocal track. :imacat:

You don't simply replace the original Work ***** choreography! Not OK! :angietea:

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Perfect Lover? we came this close to her acknowledging its existence the choreo looked pretty good too

Honestly, i'm not impressed.. It looks like there is basically no choreography for work ***** the Slave videos look much more promising - i'm unable to view the Perfect Lover one..

They do so much but achieve so little. This is HOW you do choreography, easy, slick, smooth and effective to look at  

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Y’all are being waaaaay to critical of everything. Britney does not move the same way she did 2000-2009. All of the choreographies posted her - while not amazing by any means, aren’t bad. 

In fact, with the way she did moves her body now, I can see her really looking good with them. Britney has never looked the same way the rest of the dancers and choreographers do - she has her own flow that she adds on top of it that makes it Britney. I don’t hate these, especially when you think of all the other production aspects that add to a performance.

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Not impressed. Its all the same recycled moves. Britney needs to be free and do the type of show she wants to do.


weve seen enough of this in your face ****** generic dancing from her.


and I think it’s safe to say no one wants to see work ***** live for another 10 years. We had enough 😂


im glad domination was cancelled.



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Thank God the residency didn't happen...

I was mentioning earlier how since circus era the choreographers always put a dancer to be Britney and the person only walks and poses.

We know Britney would improvise her "dance moves", the slave rehearsal video showed that, and the coupure also seems something Britney elaborated.

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i will never understand why they always change the best original (live) choreos like toxic, matm, slave, womanizer... :crying2: i couldnt even enjoy POM because of the new choreos esp. womanizer and toxic :notfeelinit:


edit: i mean, image „Thriller“ by MJ having another choreo :umomg: :hideous:

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The BTI choreo was terrible! Thank God it didn't happpen.

WB also atrocious, even tho I liked the remix.

And omggg Perfect Lover but I think it was never meant to be on the set list. We would have seen Stif-fney at her best, just like the last number of POM (from Stronger to TTWE).

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This set list was going to be FIRE :kidcries: 

But I’m still pissed she refuses to acknowledge the best song she released last decade Hold It Against Me! I want the original video choreography, without it being chopped to pieces.

Work ***** is just strutting and posing :tiffeyeroll:  There’s nothing wrong with the original choreo.


Why do they look like they are trying to do the chicken dance in BTI? :orangu: 

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2 minutes ago, Itachi said:

watchu did with seltuna's eyes :gloria:

She is beauty,

She is grace,

She is :seleyde:



I combined l3Szabr.jpg + :selenerz:


I also combined Derpga + :selenerz:


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🥀 𝔯𝔢𝔟𝔢𝔩𝔩𝔦𝔬𝔫 🥀

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