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Drake releases "Laugh Now Cry Later" featuring Lil Durk off new album "Certified Lover Boy"

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  • Exhale+

Drake just released a new music video for a song titled "Laugh Now Cry Later." 

He's over here making videos with Dave Meyers, no green screens. 

The song is the first taste off his forthcoming studio album Certified Lover Boy.

... babydrake.jpg.189c8ad9e3901b8fdf7c4af01669ee6d.jpg

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  • Exhale+

Dark Demo Lanes flopped right? Is that why he immediately started working on his 4th project? :mhmsureny:

 I mean, it has just now sold 1.034 million...even Dua Lipa outsold

Dem chickens is ash, and im lotion :queenflopga:

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His music is so boring lately, but somehow everyone is kissing his *** big time! It’s funny how they wanna get rid of Nicki Minaj, but continue to make Drake bigger and bigger. Give it up, already! These rap boys are boring at this point, rap about the same thing and dress identical! 

Give us a break and let’s make POP STARS a thing again! 


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