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Lance Bass talks about the #FreeBritney movement: we need to trust the system

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It would show...

Yeah Lance, no signs of ****ed up stuff until now. Everything looks fiiine...

I'd understand If he avoided questions about FreeBritney for obvious reasons, but the fact he's probably lying and knows what's going on...

No much different than Cade, the fake BFF.

Hopefully fans stop paying people to say Free Britney, he was one of the celebs fans reached out to do It.

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WHAT THE ACTUAL ****!? I thought he liked Britney... wow, what a *******. Let’s trust the system and her family, yeah sure, a great system lol and her family... what a joke lol. “And if she was s

I was rooting for you, Lance  (JC is officially my new favourite member from *NSYNC ) (This is based on what was said here in the snippet)

This is really disappointing I actually listen to the podcast on a regular i may have to skip this episode i feel its gonna piss me off. I'd rather him say nothing at all.  Especially from someon

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Why do people think he would know anything, idt him and Britney talk still. It's so weird how she got clumped together  with the boy bands just bc she sucked a guys **** who happened to be in one. 

let it go GIF


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50 minutes ago, MANDIXMX said:

I asked him for a selfie at the bar and he didn’t even look my way to say “not right now”, it was so embarrassing for me. Never again.

You are BRAVE. I wouldn't have even asked for a a selfie from the most irrelevant member from Nsync. Don't be embarrassed he's famous now for being Andy Cohen's friend or for when ever he mentions Britney ($$$).

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But let me tell you when I lost my respect for Mr. Bass: when he called this his debut solo single 




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He’s still pressed that Britney was never that into him. He designed a guest room in his house for her ffs. Then all those years later he went to POM and she didn’t give a crap that he was there. 

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10 hours ago, Bundy said:

What? :britlol:

Yep. Many years ago he bought a new home and designed a guest room for her with all her favorite things(fairies etc). He was always a little to eager to be her friend. 

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5 minutes ago, PZHSB said:

Yep. Many years ago he bought a new home and designed a guest room for her with all her favorite things(fairies etc). He was always a little to eager to be her friend. 

Did he say that? I never heard. Back in the Nsync days, she was his friend but I think after the break up with Justin, they lost touch. I remember he said that he visited her in 2007, met the kids, etc.

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Always disliked him - he literally jumps at the opportunity to talk about Britney it's the only way he gets air time anywhere.

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Trust the system? Wtf. Ik this is out of context, but i imagined him saying that to slaves, lgbtq people that couldn’t marry, black people that couldn’t vote, women that couldn’t vote.

people have to fight for their right and what they want and need. Including Britney. 

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