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The Biggest Britney Mysteries!

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Is her cousin her love interest in the video? 

To me the biggest mistery to this day is what really happened in 2007/8. I know she doesn't owe anyone an explanation but the one she gave in FTR (people shave their heads all the time) was too simple

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On 8/13/2020 at 9:10 PM, Needleney said:

what i still find very odd, is that radar is included on two albums. Like, how is that even possible? Its so confusing. Are there any other artist with a song released on two different albums at all? :katyclown:

I think there was a contract with Bloodshy & avant that required Radar to be released as a single :katycream:  what I don't understand is how they didn't release a remix :katyclown:although the song is fine

On 8/13/2020 at 7:39 PM, Stannedforever said:

Why nothing of oops... album has been leaked? No official stems or even acapellas (expect for that LQ incomplete oops... I did it again one which was ripped from the remix "game" from her website back in 2000), no demos, no unreleased tracks, nothing. All of her other albums have multiple leaks and every once in a while more is leaked but still we have nothing of oops... WHY? :zoomzoom:

Due to how tight Britney's schedule was and how well teen pop fit her style, Jive wanted to minimize expenses and only recorded songs that were of that style (and also that they were sure would work with the album) on change for BOMT, Britney, ITZ, etc., they had to experiment and adjust a sound to suit the market and demand :mattafact:

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On 8/13/2020 at 10:54 PM, Cinderella85 said:

1. Is it Madonnas/Kabbalah's fault that Britney had a breakdown/ massive problems because they are a cult and Britney wanted to get out of it?
2. What does the whole Mona Lisa concept mean? Just her alter ego?
3. At the beginning of the Do Something video is a hint for Mona Lisa. In that song, Britney sings she is been gone and we hear angels cry. And at the beginning of the Do Something video, Britney is in heaven

12. What happened in 2007?
13.Why she really shaved he head
14. Is Sam Lufti really evil?
15, What about Ali?Jessica?
16. Why Britney leaves her close ones when she cames together with Kevin? Were they too protective of her or is there something else?
17. What happened 2010/2011
18.Had she problems with Dr.Luke too
19. Why does her team so many doubles since Circus? Done they it during her prime too?
20. Why she changed so much after her first injury during sometimes and then in 2001? Just gain weight/surgery?
21. Did she record song for the Christmas album or was it just an idea?

22.Has Britney really problems with JL?Is JL for CShip?

1. Britney signed up for the cabal, but attended very few sessions and stopped practicing it in 2005 :chrissy:
2. Mona Lisa is the afterego that speaks of a woman who will never be the same submissive as she was before, making it clear at that moment that she would not be the same "BS Princess of the pop superstar robot
3. When do' something she used the alterego monalisa because in addition to co-directing it, I think it is a good metaphor for life. The Mona Lisa is a beautiful painting that everyone knows and sees ... but do you really know what the woman behind that piece of art was like? Britney was telling us it was her, just a photo. 
8. Because Kevin did not work directly with Britney, he only opened one show of her as a backup dancer for an artist X.
10. The producer of "red hot lipstick" said the label did not authorize the first album it shipped. It was surely not a commercial album, and I assure you that with an album with the baby boy concept, everything she wants, little me, would have been considered the BJ of 2007 and on a worse scale. What was Britney's situation like at the time? I badly needed a club breaker like Blackout
16. Surely your entire team just wanted you to get machine-hits and her family was blinded by the vanity of money, in addition to the quality of life of a superstar, clearly it is difficult to find someone who really understands you. In addition, it often happens that young people when they are lost and rebellious trust those who should not :mj:
19. Because since they had their crisis they try to exploit it as little as possible (which does not mean that they do not exploit it:selena:)

And for the question of why he locked himself in the bathroom ... I think having so many responsibilities at such a young age caused him to not develop properly. Locking herself in the bathroom was just a childish escape from a woman desperate to keep her children away :katycry:Poor woman, we don't deserve her

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6 hours ago, Acer said:

2) She’ll Never Be - was it for Britney re-release or not?

3) original videos for Gimme More and Make Me

If I'm not mistaken, She'll Never Be Me was leaked in 2001, automatically being dropped from the album.
2. MV Make me: Too vulgar
mv gimme more: Britney didn't want to follow her label's orders. Maybe she wanna sabotage Blackout by not letting her make the album she wanted :raven:

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2 hours ago, britney_rocks said:

Why did she need a body double for some of the dancing scenes in the “till the world ends” video and the painting scene on “hold it against me”?

I read she refused to do the paint scenes in HIAM and had a breakdown over it. I don't know if it's true though.

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2 hours ago, SpearsSpearsBrit said:

In 2002, Pepsi held a press conference announcing that Beyoncé would be their new face and they said that Britney really didn't care to support the brand, criticizing that she drank Coca-Cola soda from time to time :jl:



Pepsi remains unbothered as it's the superior one :chrissy:


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7 hours ago, DougFrmBrazil said:

What do u mean by 2010?

She changed so much between Circus & FF era + medication during 2011.

Some say she had another breakdown but it was kept private unlike her 2007.

She also disappeared in 2010. There are some photos of Britney crying in car after argument with Jason.


She also had mini breakdown at Starbucks. 



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5 hours ago, SpearsSpearsBrit said:

If I'm not mistaken, She'll Never Be Me was leaked in 2001, automatically being dropped from the album.

I’m not sure if it was on the final album tracklisting by that point but the song was meant to be a b-side to Overprotected, then that incomplete demo leaked. The full version of the song didn't leak until 2008. 

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- Is there really a music video for "When Your Eyes say It"? This one has been speculated to be the 5th and final single of Oops for year now.

- What happened to the scheduled Dessert performance of "Work *****" 

- FAMOS surprise

- The original Femme Fatale album: many writers and producers stated the album was nearly finished and was set for a release in 2010. An Australian fansite that was huge at the time, teased about a "secret" that would be unveiled somewhere end August 2010 which led fans ro believe the leadsingle would be dropped then. After all these years we only know her record label wasn't too satisfied with the original album but Britney apparently was.

But the one that intrigues me the most is WHAT HAPPENED WITH MAKE ME and GLORY.  We only have theories about the original scrapped music video but never a decent reason feom her or her team...it was also scheduled to be premiered at the BBMA's but was cut due "technical difficulties" and she performed a megamix instead...what cause the delay of the premiere? And then we have her 2020 cover she said herself it was the original one; what made them change it into a still of the second "Make Me" music video??


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A music video for the song was rumored to have been filmed in January 2001 by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris.#cite_note-52" style="border:0px;color:#6b4ba1;font-size:12px;padding:0px;vertical-align:baseline;" rel="external nofollow">[The video was never released; however, a promotional CD single for the song was released in the United Kingdom in January 2001 - written in Wikipedia 

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obviously the bigger ones:

-what REALLY happened in 2007/why did she shave her head, etc

-2010-2011, what caused that DRASTIC change

-original doll/rebellion

-scrapped MV


-the original sound of FF

-what really went on with BJ like if she did record any of it??

-what happened the night(s) of the hospitalization

-the OK mag shoot for 2007 why it was such a disaster. but then any other photoshoot for that yr she seemed to have it together

-what went on BTS of the making of FTR like what was deleted from it that she mightve said

-mentioning the cship in 2016 jonathan ross interview

-britneys instagram

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