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MEGARATE: Femme Fatale (GAME)

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12 minutes ago, Slayer said:

12 - Seal It With A Kiss

Overall rate: 7.767


Lowest rate: 2.5/10 @Hooked-On-Knee

Highest rate: 10/10 (x5) @Cinderella85 @CrazyButItFeelsAllright @OnlyBeyonce @Towelney @BUWYGF


·      I love this song so much! I seal it with a kiss for one of my most favorite songs of FF!

·     great verses I just wish the chorus was stronger

·     This is another track I don't either love or hate. it's okay. When I play FF I don't skip it. 

·     This is one of three songs on the album I often skip just because it seems inferior on the album to me. I still love it though

·     reminds me a little bit of a happier and a more fun Blackout

·     Not bad, but not especially memorable. The dubstep breakdown feels like overkill here.

·     Not my favorite, it's a little too slow for my liking and the vocals aren't all that.

·     This is an okay song with a decent beat but is definitely filler. The weird echo on the verse vocals sounds like she recorded it in a bathroom but otherwise a somewhat forgettable bop. 

·     Great song. Would have been a fun single.

·     very predictable, no climax, filler track

·      I love the breakdown part and the chorus soooo much.

·      a dubstep banger but inferior to "Hold It Against Me" and "Inside Out"

·     good/filler nothing special in my opinion

·      I feel like I don’t go back to this one that often but when I do I remember that it’s actually a pretty decent song! It seems to have been forgotten about by fans to an extent. It’s really catchy and I love the dubstep-electro instrumental and ‘ooh we ooh’ vocals. That dubstep breakdown halfway through the song is underrated af compared to the one in HIAM. ‘Wanna taste forbidden fruit’ is such a genius lyric too and I love the ‘cause I want you like that’ and ‘cause I like it that’ in the verses too. In a way, it sounds radio friendly enough to have been a single, although there are more stronger options on the album in my opinion. I think I’ve slept on this song and clearly I need to listen to it more haha. 

·      I feel like most fans don’t really care for this song which I can’t understand. It gives me Fantasy vibes, and I’m here for it 

·     The "ooOoooOoh" part is so catchy 

·     Best song on the album for me tbh. It builds up amazingly and the lyrics are amazing.

·      That is pop, so great and fun to listen to !

·     This album is full of bops. What a perfect dance record!

12th place?! It should be higher! It's the kind of song that only Britney can sing!!

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10 - Gasoline

Overall rate: 8.036


Lowest rate: 2/10 @OopsItHurts

Highest rate: 11/10 (x2) @MathCarmignani @Johnsons 


·     don't like the chorus. Rest is pretty good. 

·     Its very danceable and whenever i play it, the song sets gasoline to my heart and makes it hard NOT to dance

·     strong chorus and I live for the bridge where she basically just moans lmao

·     This might be my guilty pleasure. I kinda like the song even though it's just as empty and some other FF tracks

·     Definitely a favourite of the album. Love the beat

·     it's a Britney rejected. No other explanation. It's a gift to the world most people didn't pay attention to. SHAME! Best song of the album and one of the best post 2008 songs. Fight me.

·     Love the chorus. Super strong non-single track, even if the spoken segments are a bit much.

·     It was definitely trying to be a Toxic 2.0. It's good, but it just doesn't stand out enough compared to the other gems on the album.

·      Ok, I kinda stan this song. It’s a basic bop but I live for her robotic voice and the mechanical sounds in the chorus. And the bridge when she says “set me on fire fire fire” just does something for me. This song is a bop! 

·     My friends hated this when the album came out. I could never understand why. It’s so much fun! I feel like this would have been great for a music video.

·     no words, what a jam

·     Sounds like TWWE part two for me. I just kinda don’t like “You set me on fire” part thaaat much. 

·      a filler and should have been relegated as a bonus track

·      Bop

·     One of Femme Fatale’s more underrated tracks but at the same time, this isn’t one of my favourites. This is a pretty interesting song nonetheless. Britney’s *******ic vocals during the song’s intro, the pre-chorus (‘when the music goes up and the sun goes down, lightning strikes and I’m on the ground’) and that damn catchy chorus. I think the best part is the post-chorus - ‘YOU’RE SETTING ME ON FIREEEEEE’. In a way, this track also reminds me of Circus and wouldn’t have sounded out of place on that album. I think my issue with the song is that it’s very short and I feel could have benefitted from being slightly longer. It’s still a fun track to listen to though for what it is. 

·     Although it’s a little generic and I didn’t give it a 10 it’s probably my favorite non-single off the album

·     Generic pop song 

·      I know this is just an album filler but this is my guilty pleasure, the lyrics and beat sets me on fiyaaaahhh!

·     That needed a single and a video.

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he used to sing me sweet melodies ♫

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