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This Day in Pop: Britney releases her perfume Private Show in 2016 (August 1)

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privateshow.jpg.34092844a4603227101636ae6b7d3378.jpg dbrd6cu-b45fe68f-ab50-42a2-b0a0-b9ad1c2b

On August 1, 2016, Britney Spears released her brand new perfume Private Show. It was announced since June 17 that year.


She had already talked about it at the beginning of June, during an interview at the videoshoot of the [original] Make Me... video


A promo campaign was done to promote the new fragrance, featuring a brand new song of the same name, Private Show, and we got little teasers on her social media until the full ad was released on July 13.





We also got some Christmas edition ads for the Holidays season


The song Private Show was released as the first promotional single off the Glory album on August 4, 2016.



I want to show you the different sides of Britney Spears. I am a performer. I am a Mom. I am funny. I am your friend! I am Britney Jean

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OMG 😱😱😱😱



lol u got pranked, by the way Private Show is not that bad song tbh :lizzie:


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I loved the commercial, Britney looked flawless in it! The perfume itself was very sweet with a hint of coffee.

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4 minutes ago, Invitation said:

I actually really like this fragrance. I wonder what the VIP version smells like.

The VIP smells really nice too it's very fresh and light, to me it's smells like valentine's day candy MW-HC453_sweeth_20190122211217_ZQ.jpg?uu

with sweet mango mango-isolated-on-white-background-260nw and a blend of flowers.Orange-Blossom-Fragrance-Oil.jpg?1486557 

I actually consider it one of her best one's.


<<<Magic Begins At Midnight>>> 

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When Britney used to make majestic videos for a perfume comercial but also a Disney orgie party for her lead single:tiffdrink:

🎶Somebody come get this man🎶 I think he got lost in my DMs🎶 I think he wanna be way more than friends 🎶

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We were so shocked when this came out because of how stunning she looked! Gorgeous campaign! I love the song because it’s so experimental and unexpected for Britney’s style. ❤️

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I love the perfume and name "Private Show" but this song is a......choice for PROMO SINGLE.

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It smells really good but it's so similiar to Fantasy that it really should have been a Fantasy flanker. I know there are so many but her fragrance line is weird - a lot of flankers don't relate to their original fragrance and then you have "original" fragrances that smell like others but they're not in the same family. Prerogative also smells a lot like PS but it's an "original." VIP Private Show is great as well but again is not related to PS at all.

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