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Britney Spears' dad Jamie calls the #FreeBritney movement a conspiracy theory and a joke

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2 minutes ago, jj_boha said:

I’m not familiar with the laws and regulations but what exactly can they sue Sam for? They claim he manipulated Britney into using drugs etc but she’s also a grown adult at the end of the day. A lawsuit would seem baseless to me and a restraining order sounds like the next best thing. 

Drugging and abusing and basically maintaining people hostage like it was claimed it's definitely grounds for a criminal charge. Especially the whole "grinding pills into her food" part.

Case in point, Lutfi sued Jamie for punching him............

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On 8/2/2020 at 10:54 AM, Isla said:

I posted this yesterday, but anyway, dropping in again to say my article on this is doing very well so far in terms of traffic/shares. If there's any issues then please let me know of course :) 



Spreading the good word. Nice writing! 

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35 minutes ago, Applejack said:

It wasn't dismissed though. Initially in 2012, yes, but Lutfi appealed, got Britney to testify in May 2016 (remember the Brand Sense lawsuit where they also tried to depose her but couldn't because incapable because conservatorship?) and then Spears and Lutfi settled. And Lutfi got a lot of money from that settlement.

It's so funny we cancelled him for something that would imply in criminal charges, but yet here he is, walking free from the police and actually getting money from a settlement after suing the Spears family. Weird huh?

****! I forgot about that! Yes, it is WEIRD!!! Things that make you go hmmmm. 🤔 

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Karma will reach to all the people responsible of her c-ship. We, as HER fans, are here to support HER. This article only shows that we are getting somewhere in the right direction and people can't be blinded like before.

I want britney to be happy and free, idc how corny this sounds.

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Sounds quite desperate, if it was only a conspiracy theory he would have responded sooner and Britney would have done an interview...

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If Jamie believes the permanent status of the c-ship is only up to the Court and he does not oppose its termination, why is he constantly opposing its termination? Just recently, he opposed the ending of the conservatorship (Britney & Lynn reportedly sought for it to end). Jamie also repeatedly sued fans (in the past and recently) for "undermining the conservatorship."

Obviously, he does not want the c-ship to end anytime soon.

@PokemonSpears @C0CKy @reecejwilson

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