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Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande's surprise performance cancelled

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1 minute ago, Britneyarmy8 said:

She’s literally been absent from social media for so long idek what’s going on with her

UGHHHHH such a letdown

i remember reading someone thought something was up with her a few weeks ago but I never heard anything else.

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The Chromatica era feels dead. I thought this album was special to her? It was a huge success on the charts and amongst fans and critics as well as Rain on Me, why isn't she capitalizing on it with more singles, more music/ lyric videos and some actual virtual performances? Obviously Gaga might be going through something but it doesn't seem like she is... KEEP CHROMATICA ALIVE!!! :zoomzoom:

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For everyone asking why Gaga isn’t doing anything for Chromatica anymore, maybe she just doesn’t feel it’s appropriate to be promoting things with everything going on. I mean, her attempts to promote during the BLM protests didn’t exactly go well iirc :jl: 

Also, it must feel pretty crappy to have all your plans for your “pop comeback” that you had been working on for months/years become impossible to do.

It’s disappointing, but I don’t blame her if she just feels like letting the era go. 


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Why this people do this to US? why don't contract a Warehouse or a soccer field and only play the show in front of 100 people of fan clubs with social distancing and will be all... this is not fairrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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