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Ava Max - "Who's Laughing Now" (music video)

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Ava Max, a couple of months I’m not gonna like I was jammin to “So am I” and dig into her career a little more and discovered “Psycho” was by her and found some other decent bops. Anyway I do feel like she is trying to manufacture herself a little too hard to this pop girl with a ****ed up haircut. I honestly thought it was a wig at first and then I read she accidentally did it or something and just went with it 😒😑 needless to say I was expecting something more uptempo. That said I honestly wanted to like it more but they kept the same “formula” which I think is where they went wrong and it sounds mediocre flop it’s her older stuff reworked with some Island flair for the summer.smh Lol However  I think The Maxipad crew will give it some attention and move on and I’ll listen to so am I a few more times. 

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12 hours ago, Roxxy said:

I don't know but something about this... not sure if it's her or the music video or the song but I just feel like it's trying way too hard. :eheeek:


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11 hours ago, CrazyButItFeelsAllright said:


Are we creating an Ava Max Exhale Club? :shameless:

Sure, føkk this shiiit:ohi:

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Extremely disappointed that in 2020 Ava Max has to stigmatize people with mental illness and those in mental health centers with her straight jacket , padded cell bullsh** and the doctor writing “psycho” “crazy” on his paper? Really? This is the best concept you could come up with in present times? Not only is it offensive and promotes hurtful stereotypes- it’s terribly reductive.



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