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New article spills HOT TEA

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5 hours ago, illuminatiney said:

"The singer had an stalker back in 2006 who now is a business manager. That woman (whose identity will remain anonymous managed to make Britney give a blood donation. Then she had a blood transfusion with the singer's blood) another source close to the singer affirmed. "Now she think she is Britney, she uses wings and watch herself in the mirror and acts like Britney".  :barbie:

This part is describing Lou Lou and how she thinks she is Britney :wontcry:

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7 hours ago, Itachi said:

of course there are 2 Britneys. the real one and the more famous one...


team con hired Sam because they think they can cure Neyde's boredom but so far he's unsuccessful


That face just screams “I’ve had better” :hahaha:

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