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Lynne Spears: "These Free Britney people are [...] and digging up things"

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I’m with the minorities here. I can’t tell if Lynn is being shady or not. I feel like, she was the only one in the family especially at the start of it, who even kinda kicked off the speculations by liking and commenting on freeBritney posts. 

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If there’s one thing Britney fans are best at it’s filtering voices and vocals c’mon guys  

Hahaha finally, Lynne Wonder mom character is about to end. 

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3 hours ago, Justney said:

And just how is she going to get approval to go petition for that? She has hired watch men... you think she can just go waltz over to the court? Why do you think free britney is a thing? Because she can't physically go do that like a normal person.

I mean she can formally ask the judge in person, write a letter, whatever. I don’t know the process. But this is a legal right she has, one of the few. I’m sure they’ve threatened her which explains why she hasn’t gone, but that’s just a conspiracy. Who knows the actual reason?

2 hours ago, Body ache said:

Maybe she was threatened not to do that and by us fans fighting for her she can put the blame on us for freeing her or maybe she's just scared for her own life if she gets free. I mean all her money or whats left of it would be taken away from a bunch of people and reverted back to her. That's a scary situation to be in. They already threatened her with her kids so it's not far fetched that they would threaten her life.

I have a feeling it could be this or maybe they’ve told her she would get in trouble. Like obviously this whole situation is a sham and she has threatened to expose them and they’ve convinced her, despite being the victim, she would get in trouble too. That’s typical abuser behavior.

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*total edit* I guess my confusion here is... how is she speaking up about this? It’s getting out I’ve seen it everywhere today. I could it effect her relationship with Brian? Leading to threats (her of him from team?) a bit strange to me... but I’m living for the inside information. By the way I really don’t think Lynn was trying to be mean ... we don’t know the context of the convo- I vote she was saying “techy”.  Let me know your insight on her sharing stuff... xo

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Low key, I think Lynne was fine with the conservatorship, until we dug up how much money it was actually costing Britney (aka the family) to run. I don't think someone who sells makeup in a pyramid scheme would have had any idea. The Spears family probably had no idea how much money Britney and they were losing paying the court and the lawyers.

I think all the help and interest from her stems from this. I will be low key disappointed if Lynne is put in charge too. It needs to be Britney, and Britney needs her own lawyer, and team to help her control her money. Ones that are reputable. She has enough good friends like Kate Hudson to help her get the right people. 

If anything the Spears family has show that they are not good at managing her money, or else they would have known how much money she was hemorrhaging from the Conservatorship.

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Omg this interview makes it so obvious that Jamie and Bryan hates women. They have no respect for women, there fore he utters that the fans are THEIR fans not Britneys. Men who hates women can’t even interpret or digest that women are equal and make a living of their own with civil rights and their own opinion to be taken as serious as others. It’s obvious that he also got captured by the business model of seeing everything through capitalism. Family is business and his sister gave him this life. 

Jeez I’m not even surprised. 

Ofc they put her in a cage after she shaved her head cause “help her god that’s a sin for women to state she’s not her hair” while that action got so much statement in it from a feminist perspective etc. 

Anyway, Idk but maybe Lynne was making a point that he mentioned the fans as theirs and not Britney’s. 

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lmao. I was always very confused as to why anyone would consider Lynn the 'good parent'. She was the one who took Britney to new york to pursue a career at an extremely young age, basically stage mom-ing it up. Jamie stayed back home. Lynn moved into the multi-million dollar Mansion built with Britney's money, Jamie stayed in the old childhood home. Lynn wrote a tell all book during Britney's breakdown revealing personal details about her childhood I highly doubt she wanted anyone knowing, Jamie has never done that. Like I get it, Jamie is ****, but when everyone started acting like Lynn was some savior a year ago I was confused as hell. If anything, she has been exploiting Britney before ANYONE else lol. Some old woman liking posts on instagram doesn't mean **** since most older people have no idea what they are even doing on these apps. They like things because they are tagged in them, and likely don't read the captions.

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