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WHAT? Britney's brother Bryan just gave an interview about #FreeBritney: watch

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The fact that he says she wanted to get out for some time but her lawyer in a article said she is ok. And he also questions if she really can make reservation for herself. I mean she can have assistants and help she doesn't even have to be in cship for that. Didn't watch all of it. But we know Britney wants to be free. That is all that matters. And we support her 100%

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Let's see what he says. I'm tired of everyone but her speaking. her make up artist, her ex husband, her siblings... I'm tired. I wanna hear from her. 

OMG   it seems he's #freebritney but is acknowledging there's false information too... omg I can't believe he did it.   Also, he's so hot! what a daddy 

also, the caption says "two very famous sisters, Britney and Jamie Lynn" in what world is Jamie Lou very famous? she is the real life Xtina in Britney's life, always in Britney's shadow, al

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1 hour ago, WhatTheHellWhoCares? said:

It seems to me like Bryan does not actually know the extent of the conservatorship, or he just truly does not give a **** :( 

I can imagine their ‘many’ conversations being like 

Brit: Bryan I can’t even vote if I want to.

Bryan: Haha Brit, since when do you care about politics? You’re a pop icon, did you even vote when you we’re allowed? 

Brit: I can’t even access my own bank accounts and I don’t know how much money I have.

Bryan: But Brit remember how bad you were at Math in school? Those numbers would give you a headache haha. I wish I didn’t have to worry about paying my own bills and remembering my PIN number I wish could just have someone give me money when I ask for it. And don’t forget how much you used to overspend! You would be broke by now if it weren’t for Dad haha. 

Brit: But Bryan, I cant even drive myself around!

Bryan: Sis, you’re so lucky! You don’t have to worry about gas, your car breaking down or finding parking! 

Brit: Did you know I can only see the boys every second week for a couple of hours!? I’m so alone.
Bryan: I wish I were alone! These women everywhere are so annoying! Did you know Lexi won’t even fly commercial? I wish I had a break from her every once in a while...

Britney: *gives up*

So sad 😞 

"They hear me but they're not really listening":crying2:

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1 minute ago, SlayOut said:

Protected Tweets/account :girlbye: 

it's the briannalynn account (that one that posted that weird picture of someone who looks like britney and a parrot on her head)

"bad driver ?? how about bad husband ?????... like father like son"

that's the tweet.

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2 minutes ago, Applejack said:

it's the briannalynn account (that one that posted that weird picture of someone who looks like britney and a parrot on her head)

"bad driver ?? how about bad husband ?????... like father like son"

that's the tweet.

:omggg: I missed this picture but truth tea is spilt 

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22 hours ago, Bundy said:

Imagine if they start saying Jamie is trying to get her out of the cship too but the court says she needs it and they wont let them get her out of It :tiffeyeroll:

Riiiight thats what I'm saying like - I love us- but what if Jamie is actually trying or something, idk. After seeing the interview today we at least know he basically confirmed the #FreeBritney movement and said she wants out of the cship

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22 minutes ago, AmyIsMyDrunkAlterEgo said:

Riiiight thats what I'm saying like - I love us- but what if Jamie is actually trying or something, idk. After seeing the interview today we at least know he basically confirmed the #FreeBritney movement and said she wants out of the cship

Jamie loves controlling Britney bc they never got along and he probably thinks her money is his money. The fact Bryan didnt say much is probably bc he respects his dad and agrees with him. Another thing is they probably dont want her out fearing what she could say If shes out. She could realize the abuse they did, expose him or even sue him. At this point I dont think is only about money and control anymore, its also about trying to cover their ***** to being exposed and even paying for what they did. They will try everything to never let her out. 

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38 minutes ago, AmyIsMyDrunkAlterEgo said:

Riiiight thats what I'm saying like - I love us- but what if Jamie is actually trying or something, idk. After seeing the interview today we at least know he basically confirmed the #FreeBritney movement and said she wants out of the cship

He’s not. He wanted to extend the conservatorship to Hawaii, Miami and some other stayed I forgetting. Jamie is rotten and will never do anything good for her daughter.

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Didn't Britney have plans to start her own recording label back in 04? I remember someone posting the vid here, she was doing a press conference somewhere and talked about it. So she's soooooooooo incapable but was going to start a recording label? Sounds pretty competent to me, I wouldn't know how the eff to do something like that. If she's incapable now they did that to her, they took a confident woman who wanted to do her own thing and put her into this horrible situation 10 yr+ and now she acts like a scared child most of the time (not trying to bag her but it's understandable with the situation she's been put in). They've done unspeakable damage to her, who knows what meds she was unnecessarily forced to go on? I'm sick to my stomach about this, Bryan is scummmmmmmmm. Enjoys her money bit doesn't give a fkkkk about her one bit - and was it not 100% obvious he was talking about Jamie Lynne when he said he had the fave sister, vomit!

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20 minutes ago, Bundy said:

Yeah that Courtney Love comment always bugged me. Its a serious accusation and he didnt bother to sue her? Why? Even if he thinks shes crazy and no one would believe her, it still is a very serious thing to say. I hope this isnt true but the way hes obsessed with Britney isnt right. There was a video he looked at her funny but I cant remember which one rn.

Maybe Jamie likes to pay for other people, to eat good and to save money. There are some people that love to keep the money in the bank as if they are going to live until they are 120 or smt. I think its fishy that he moved her trust out of the cship. Why he would do that? And there are those stories that Britneys money was going to smt Lou did with church or whatever. So I do think its about money, but not only about that. But yeah, I feel like hes punishing her for being succesful (maybe he cant deal hes a failure at everything but his daughter is the succesful one) and for not liking him very much. 

Its really funny how shes woman enough to work, earn millions but not to manage her own life. And the fact they act as if they are worried about her being so unstable, but they all are living far away from her. Its like they feel entitled to her money and think the only good thing shes goot at is making money for them. I really dont know how she deals with this situation and her family. Anyone would lose their ****. They have damaged her a lot and they wont admit. They dont want her to grow, to live her life, they arent helping her. This is abuse. I hope if Britney doesnt get out, she will never work again. Btw another thing is Jamie Lynn saying that "only bc someone struggles it doesnt mean they shouldnt do what they love to do". So Britney should do what she loves only when it comes to work = money. What about freedom? She loves freedom, so why shouldnt Britney be able to have that too?

What about "only bc someone struggles it doesnt mean they should under a cship for life"?

What a ******* horrible family she has tbh. 

Yep it's always grossed me out, such a serious accusation to just let slide. No sure what vid you're referring to but I distinctly remember the first time I watched For The Record with some friends, there's a part with Britney wearing high heels or something and Jamie says something like 'Damn! Nice hooker heels baby!' and ALL of us were like 'EWWWWWWWWWWW!' (that's before knowing anything of Courtney's claims) we were all so grossed out by it.

Totally agree with all your other points, and interesting you say that about the money, now that I think of it I knew a fam when I was younger who were very well off (obviously nothing like Britney lmao) and their household was always the one with bulk purchases of homebrand items in the cupboard, so I can see your point. Perhaps it's the having money, even if you don't spend it flashily, giving him a superiority complex.

I honestly hope she gets out of this and cut her entire leech family off (not 100% on Lynne but she doesn't seem great either) - they do not deserve her at all. Reminds me of Whitney's family when I watched the doco about her, they were all leeches as well but at least her father just sued her for money, didn't take over her entire life and make her a prisoner in it, it's truly despicable what's happened to Britney. 


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1 hour ago, Bundy said:

U said it all. Its like she doesnt have feeling and is only here to make millions she cant control. Its like they want to make it ok the cship just bc she made mistakes 12 years ago when everyone in their 20s does ****, even more if u are 25 years old with two babies, a useless ex and media not leaving u alone. Where was her mom then? It seems like they think shes dumb and only good at being a celeb. They couldnt be so they think her money is their. This is why I felt bad when I saw that Jayden video bc it seems even her kids see her as a cash cow. What did Britney to deserve a family like this? If they cared, they would be living next to her. If they cared, they would be trying to help her to be an adult, to get her freedom back. She could have anyone she liked working for her as an assistant like she always had to do those things for her. What she should be focusing is therapy, but I wonder if they let her do it, If they only try to numb her with meds and thats it. 

Hes like Sam thinking his followers are his fans. Now Bryan think Britneys fans are fans of this trashy family? Lol we only "care" about them is bc she seems to have been abused. If she lived a normal life, no one would give a **** about this white trash family. No wonder they think its their money and they possess her, even her fans are theirs too.

Yeah the Jayden video made me pretty sad as well, I know he's just a kid so I won't say too much on him but when he said something like 'Why would you quit, you could make so much bank' or whatever about Britney, it was just awful. I got such an impression that Kevin is the 'fun parent' and I guess with all the drama with Jamie it's understandable if the kids feel that way but it's so heart breaking. It's honestly devastating how many ppl just used her - JT, K-Fed, her entire freakin family (not including the boys in that of course) and i'm sure countless others :( she was already saying in 04 in those letters how bad it felt to go to dinner and realise she's footed the bill for everyone, and now her own family has done this to her? I just have no words. And yeah, it's laughable Bryan thinks we're fans of them wtf! I'm not sure on Sam now but I sideeye everyone at this point tbh, it's all just awful :wontcry:

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