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What are your pop predictions for 2024?

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In 3 and-a-half years from right now, what do you think the state of pop music will look like? 

In 2024, will pop music be a relic, or will it flourish? 

Has the pandemic simmered and artists are now regularly touring again?

Has Britney Spears released her tenth studio album?

Did Taylor Swift return to country music?

Does R9 exist yet?


I'd love for this topic to serve as a special time capsule that we can look back on in a number of years and see what played out and what didn't. 

Leave your predictions now and prepare to circle back in the year 2024. 

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7 minutes ago, ColdAsFire88 said:

I feel that R9 won’t arrive and Rihanna will be a cosmetic empire queen.

Adele will probably have released her album and be absent per usual.

Ariana and Billie Eilish will probably be running pop.

Britney will be vindicated and celebrated by then and probably help Pop music resurface. 

Lady Gaga will probably do more acting and less music or album material. I see her going the acting route and doing musicals. 

Trap music will be a thing of the past. I think Cardi is a phase and will be a thing of the past. Nicki probably will still be around while Megan achieves rap queen status.

I know I’m probably going to get downvoted for this but I feel Taylor won’t be as big as she has been. She’s definitely a force and will remain one but as far as getting hit after hit...mmm idk. She even acknowledged that. I feel her peak was during the Reputation era.

Madonna will still be herself and getting more work done.

Beyonce...i think Bey will have another revival era. Shes always going to do music. Hopefully less disney.

Katy will probably be doing vegas. I think her Smile era will push her into being a nostalgic act. 

Kesha won’t be around and will probably write for people more. Do background vocals

Xtina...probably gone? 

I feel social media will shift into video statuses and less written statuses. 

I love this!

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12 minutes ago, ColdAsFire88 said:

Lady Gaga will probably do more acting and less music or album material.


12 minutes ago, ColdAsFire88 said:

Xtina...probably gone? 


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33 minutes ago, Jordan Miller said:

Has Britney Spears released her tenth studio album?

Her eleventh, plus "B In The Mix Vol. 3". And world domination of course.

Rihanna will be venturing into home appliances with a collection called "R9" because she's a bad gal.

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Here are my pop predictions :barbie:

  • We will have B10 by then.
  • Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande (a.k.a. me) will have suffered a major decline by then.
  • Billie Eilish will be the new top artist.
  • Lady Gaga will focus on acting.
  • Adele will release 36
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I think Britney will finally be free and she will retire somewhere in the South. I also believe she will have more children and a husband that will truly love her. :crying1:

Nicki Minaj will retire after this era and she will remain a staple in the rap genre because of her larger than life persona. She will do features here and there and will tour more. :crying1:

Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus will dominate the pop music. I feel like Miley has more to offer because of her constant change. I don’t care about the others! :chrissy:

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Here Is Mine: 

Pop Music: 

We Will Have B10 By Then.  
Rihanna Will Not Release R9.  
Adele Will Be Releasing Her 5th Studio Album.
Taylor Will Start To Simmer Down. 
Madonna Will Release Her 16th Studio Album.
Katy Will Retire.  
Christina Aguilera Will Release CA9 And CA10.  
Beyoncè Will Surprise Release Another Album.


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8 minutes ago, MissSpearsSaysSo said:

We’ll all be ded.  :blast:


I just came here to comment that :orangu:


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🥀 𝔯𝔢𝔟𝔢𝔩𝔩𝔦𝔬𝔫 🥀

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Britney will be release her last album B10 in fall 2021 and maybe Superbowl Halftime Show in 2022 with FINAL WORLD TOUR in 2024 then she will retire.

Rihanna wont be release any album again, maybe EP, collabs and SINGLES. She will be COSMETIC QUEEN

Beyonce will release again a SURPRISE VISUAL ALBUM 

Taylor Swift will go back to COUNTRY music

Adele will release her album but it wont be succesfull as her other albums

Katy Perry and Xtina will do Vegas Residency 

Lady Gaga will release more mature music and will do a BROADWAY


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I think Britney will be free from the conservatorship and come back with B10 on her own terms and it'll be a huge success :yaknow:

I think Selena will release another album and then disappear forever :tired: (love her but I think she's over it tbh)

I think Taylor, Ariana and Billie will still be around but will have definitely simmered by then, possibly they'll each have their Britney Jean eras :duadance:

Rhianna will finally release R9 to commerical and critical acclaim :barbie:

Gaga and Madonna will probably be in Vegas and releasing singles instead of albums :katycream:

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Madonna will go on a tour like Cher beginning in 2022 (Her 40th anniversary in music) end up making  48 billion dollars for touring non stop for 12 years and say with love and humility try to break this record and Follow this you bishes. 

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I'm the hunter, you're the fox 🦊.

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my predictions:

The world will JUST now be starting the touring gigs back up again, but online promotion and interaction will have evolved so much by then that touring won’t be as popular by the time we’re able to enjoy it again.

Britney will be “free” and loosely tease us with an album for years, but won’t release til after 2024. She will give us a little more insight to the things she has endured, but will still remain a mysterious force.

Gaga will do lots more films, and maybe one or two more albums before 2024. 

Beyonce will have released two more epic albums/films and solidify her ongoing legacy.

Rihanna will have finally released R9 but not R10, her cosmetic empire will evolve and amplify into mega-brand territory.

Ariana will release 3 more albums before 2024 and be a true pop queen.

Madonna will release another album and get even more experimental and even more cringe.


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- Britney has not yet released a new album but she is in the creative process, she will rumble the industry with new experimental sounds and it will be great as always.

- Madonna releases her album 15 and it will be very good, something we have not seen since "Confessions".

- Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga and others ... will continue to release good music but nothing that will impact (I hope I'm wrong ... for me they are the best artists of the last decade, let's wait and see what will happen in this one).

- Billie Eilish will not release something as iconic as her first album (I hope I'm wrong ... I like the sound and the innovative proposal), I hope she to carry the flag of pop of this decade.

- For me that everyone is successful and expresses the best of their creativity, but pop is a very difficult industry to stay on top as other artists did in the past and are part of history. The new generations want everything for now and easily discard it, hopefully I changed they the trend of making fleeting hits with the same sounds and we will never ever remember ... Artists need compact and creative careers, but now everything is marketing and market research, it is reality. Pop will always be present and will have its electronic trend. We will see the emergence of a new artist that will shake the industry. I hope they give opportunities to the new generations of creative producers who are in the process and who will be with the future of pop.

* I invite you to listen to this playlist with the best of pop music (of course it is my personal taste), but there is everything good ..


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Here are my predictions:

  •  Britney will finally release her B10 album with an iconic Lady Gaga duet
  • Britney will be out of the conservationship and will leak the full version of Rebellion
  • JT will release his 6th studio album with a huge Maroon 5 duet
  • Rihanna will release R9 with a Beyonce duet and will headline the SuperBowl with a surprise appearence from Beyonce 
  • Lady Gaga will release her first visual album 
  • Lana del Rey will release a dance pop record
  • Xtina will release her long anticipated Spanish album with a J.LO duet
  • Katy Perry will finally have her hit era
  • Gwen Stefani will make a huge pop comeback
  • Taylor Swift will fade into obscurity 

It would literally be the biggest year in pop ever. Too good to be true I know :wendycry:

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Whenever I post or read something on Exhale I feel the way Britney felt on Xfactor every time she gave an opinion.A whirlwind of emotions :o

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Here are my predictions :clap:

Taylor Swift in 2024= She will face a decline in popularity once the Mid-20s surface 

Ariana Grande & Billie Eilish in 2024= Will be running pop and Billie will be the most popular pop star this decade. I going to get ton of hate but Billies sophomore era will be her own OIDIA, breaking countless records 

Madonna in 2024- Will release commercially-Luke warm albums but with critical acclaim and will remain a touring act

Beyonce in 2024- Honestly, she would have already faced a huge decline by then, but she will still be a big touring act and critic fave like Madonna

Katy Perry in 2024= it will go two ways ALL depending on her upcoming album Smile. If the album is a huge success and becomes her comeback record, she will have a great 2024 but 2024 would then be her last year of high fame. However if Smile underperforms, she will become a legacy artist or nostalgia act for the millennials and Gen Z

 Lady Gaga in 2024 = She will be a certified legend and will be receiving legacy awards

Xtina in 2024= :rip:
Rihanna In 2024 = Her brand would have already transcended to a bonafide billion-dollar empire. Hopefully #R9 would have come out by then but chances are so low

Britney Spears in 2024= she would be free from the conserve and everyone will celebrated artistry and take her seriously. She would then release critical acclaim records with her natural tone

Whereas, for pop, it would be thriving at its best. 70s-90s synthPOP and technoPOP would be highly popular and at its peak and we see more pop songs in the billboard 100 and would be the most since the early 10s. Disco would have its highest in popularity since 1979. Amidst, pops resurgence...rap, hip-hop and trap would have faded into obscurity and died by then and the only streams would be coming from hip-hop listeners.


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Stream MATM (Desi Remix) For Clean Kidneys :duadance_lipa_new_rules_green_pink_dancing:

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