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Britney answers fans' questions on Instagram

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She will get a lot of hate comments bc of her third wish :shadelaugh: I thought this was gonna be a serious video :rupaulslap:

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2 minutes ago, osherlovesbritney said:

I was really hoping for a MONEY LOVE AND HAPPINESS reference


:calculating: I’ve never heard this song before. I am a flop fan. How could I have not heard this song? I’m calculating and it’s not making sense. Is Colon Spears putting something in my grits? I’m confused 
Scared Wendy Williams GIF by ADWEEK

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Lou is desperate. who posts videos when answering fans q&a?! :rihit:

there's a thing called ig live or even q&a via ig stories so that fans can virtually interact with artists. :rihit:

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1 minute ago, FreeLou said:

I hate how nervous she looks. I also hate pointing this out cause if she’s self conscious and anxious then comments like mine aren’t helping - but who is feeding her those questions literally none of her fans are asking and does she even enjoy filming this stuff? :fakecry: Do they WANT her to appear this way? I hope she’s fine. 

I actually think she really enjoyed filming this.. she’s clearly playing with us, which is very different from the video where she was reading letters from the Britney Zone, that video was cringe af 

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3 minutes ago, OnlyFacts said:

:calculating: I’ve never heard this song before. I am a flop fan.


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