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VIDEOCLUB - enfance 80 + introduction to the French duo couple!

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Bonjour à tous!
je vais vous présenter  VIDEOCLUB:barbie:

"Videoclub is a French musical duo, formed in 2018 in Nantes by Adèle Castillon and Matthieu Reynaud.

Their style of music is mainly electropop, with a retro side and an important influence of the 1980s.

They sing mainly in French and occasionally in English. Adèle Castillon mainly takes care of writing the lyrics and Matthieu Reynaud of the composition. " wiki

i adore them so much, been a huge fan since amour plastique. french is my 3rd language that's how i discovered them because i listen to french songs occasionally, they're adorable af! they're very unique, with a unique sound.. i have no idea why i never posted about them here, maybe because it's french or there won't be a lot of people who speak or interested in French music #JusticeForFrenchMusic


Adèle Castillon du Perron, 18 Years old, born October 24, 2001 in Angers

Matthieu Reynaud, the boyfriend, 17.. "NO INFO"  



their latest song, 2 months old, " Enfance 80" , is such a beautiful alternative song and the video is animated with a mesmerizing story ( translation included) 


honorable mentions 



i hope you enjoy them as i did! 

 videoclub | Tumblr

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