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Justin Bieber calls his friend out for being a Trump supporter: "this ain't it"

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38 minutes ago, DonoDotto said:

Arguing with you and your second account has gone nowhere :gloria: I havent been here to try to convince you of anything, and I have nothing to prove to you.

My aims at engaging in this discussion with your 2 accounts were twofold:

1. To share the facts that counter the false statements and accusations being disseminated in this thread (which I did at the beginning of the thread, and which you obviously ignored) for other users, who are perhaps not familiar with the subjects at hand, to read.

2. To show other exhalers who are perhaps afraid of standing up to you and your vile comments for fear of being labeled "racist" or worse that they shouldnt be afraid to confront people like you, no matter how many accusations people like you level at them. Youre all smoke and mirrors, but at the end of the day youre just another random snob on the internet.

Have a good night the two (one) of you 🤲 #KorbIsOnlyFactsSecondAccount


You’ve shared zero facts. @Jordan Millercan you run my IP address against @Korb so we can put this narrative to rest? 

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I can't wait for another meltdown when Trump wins the election again! #MAGA


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12 hours ago, Busybee said:

I listened to 21 sec of the first video and I couldn't finish. :ehidk: I tried i really did. 


Kudos to jb for for stepping up. I think its great we can have different views and opinions it would be boring if we didn't. BUT....there has to be boundaries. I truly believe if you support trump you are indirectly rasict. You may not see it but you are supporting rasict ideals and promoting a man who isn't ashamed to show us how proud he is of his white power. He literally shared a video with it. Like some one else said all these things aren't a coincidence. He has shown us who he is and we should believe him. Most of us do so if you support that you support what he stands for. 

Agree! i am fine with a person being a trump supporter (even tho they are being technically racist like u said) but if you proceed to act ignorant, it aint cute no more :chershade:

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Exhale War- IIX

Happened because of politics (why am i not suprised)

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People out here trying their hardest to prove Trump is a good president hahahahaha embarassing

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