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Katy Perry promotion for Chained to the Rhythm

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I just stumbled on several clips for Chained to the Rhythm, and I liked how each performance was quite energetic, well produced and completely different from each other, maybe keeping the same "woke" idea she wanted behind, but different execution each time, and both Lyric and Official video were quite good.

Plus the song is great. Maybe that whole era, and everything after didn't go as she wanted but promotion-wise she did the work. There was constant feed of new energy into the song promotion, almost weekly, since the song was released Feb 10th 2017. 


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I think Chained to the Rhythm, Witness, and the whole purposive pop idea would be successful if Witness was released this year,

considering all the injustice happening in the US, China, Hongkong, Philippines, and other parts of the world.


PS. Here in the Philippines, after 7 days, dissent will be illegal.

Protesters and anyone who is against the government will be red tagged as crimnals and will be jailed without warrant.

A simple meme against the government will put you in jail. We will enter another dark and bloody era. :crying2:

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Chained to the rhythm was a step in the right direction. The song as a whole was highly successful. Thennnnnn caaaammmmmmmmeeeeeeee........




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