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Britney: i have so much laundry to do today

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See this is exactly I meant in the other post about her Just Like Me insta post that’s there’s nothing she can post that will not get those comments lol all she did was post a picture and she’s got laundry to do and people are still like “LiKe Oh My GoD iS sHe OkAy” “ThIs IsN’t NoRmAl” lmfaooo I love her so much 

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1 hour ago, ColdAsFire88 said:

Like omg like Britney has so much laundry to do like thats not normal :wtf: like who does that? Who posts stuff like that? Is she like ok :sponge:

I read it in Britney’s 2007 “omg is lindsay lohan like ok” voice :haha:

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