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Britney says "Just Like Me" is her favorite track off Glory

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4 hours ago, Dirk said:


Just Like Me confirmed its about Jason who cheated on Britney with Brett! -- remember this rumor? :gimmemoar:




@Jordan Miller

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3 hours ago, PokemonSpears said:

I thought it was about David cheating on her with someone that looked just like her

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I remember the rumor but Brett doesn't look like her.

David allegedly cheated on her with a ****o Star.

I thought this track "Just Like Me" was about Justin Timberlake and his cheated with Tonya Mitchell (she does look like her, especially at that time).

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Why are these videos so weird? LOL

I LOVEEEE that black dress!

And in case you didn't stick around for the whole video, i LOVE that white outfit at the very end too.  :)  What is she reading there? 

I feel like she's giving us hints or trying to tell a message for reason LOL.  Like for she goes from green, to quickly dark, back to green, then quickly light while reading something? Hmmm...... 

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I believe this song is her "reimagined" She'll Never Be Me. This topic seemed important for her. I have a feeling this is her only personal song on Glory, so I'm not surprised she claims it is her favorite track.

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