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Britney says "Just Like Me" is her favorite track off Glory

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I helped write this song …..

“Just Like Me” is my favorite song off of Glory and I wanted to show it a little love 💋💋💋💋💋 !!!!!!  PS designer @alexandermcqueen gave me the black long lace blazer …. it’s so freaking cool …. thank you !!!!! Psssss I shot this two nights ago 😉😉😉 !!!!!

And she helped write it :makeitrain:

P.s we are still getting told the date she filmed all these videos :blol:



If there was a scale from one to ten then my love for you would be a million billion!

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Very strange video but she looks so much better in decent outfits. That black one yesssss. I almost thought she was going to reveal her **** she was holding it closed 

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lmao those videos are TOO FUNNY to even exist, I LOVE HA! :haha:


her instagram is going to be BIGGA! she’s going viral y’all they are doing amazing! :gimmemoar:

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I love the black outfit! Her caption reminds me of the story Julia Michaels told about her concept she gave to the writers it makes sense why she likes this song it’s a bop :) 

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I think she’s just having fun wearing different outfits and stuff she looks good ❤️I love her in any type of blazer it suits her really well I don’t think we appreciate how gorgeous she is 

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Wait, omg, I commented before watching the video. What the hell is going on?! Like, what even is the concept?! :imacat: Just nod and smile, y'all... :teigen:

💃🏻 stan of all flop pop girlies 💃🏻

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