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Nicki Minaj teases Pink Friday 2

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Wait... didn’t she “retire”? 

I won’t be supporting Nicki anymore (not that I had much for the last several years) she jumped on a remix of a dr luke produced song. It wouldn’t take much for her to educate herself on the type of person he is, but she probably already knows and is just desperate. Also she worked with a rapper who had sexual contact with a 13 year old, AND uses the n word when he’s not black? Also she’s pretty much admitted she just pretended to be bi to get attention. And pretends to be a gay man as her alter ego?!?! How the hell can ppl support this woman in 2020? Im up for giving ppl 2nd chances, but she’s done NOTHING to deserve one at this point.  

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Lately whenever I hear about how influential Nicky (or Lil Kim) is to female rappers, how she created the blueprint for how female rappers are marketed, I wish to live in the reality where rappers were less like them, and more like Missy Elliot.

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Will we get some more POP songs? 

Super Bass / Starships were fun but I don’t think Nicki likes those. 

Ill be curious to see how it does. 

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