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The Veronicas - "Biting My Tongue" (song)

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On 6/29/2020 at 12:31 AM, babyimmafreak90 said:

I can’t believe anyone outside Australia even knows them

What? Untouched  and 4Ever were huge!!! The Veronicas definitely marked a generation. Last year I saw a buzzfeed post about Untouched and how it's still mentioned and loved till this day. It never gets old. 🖤




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I literally forgot that they had a single coming out and only remembered about it a day late... :jl: Uhm, anyway, I listened to it and... I'm disappointed. A bit basic, not too interesting, a bit repetitive... maybe I need to give it time to grow on me, I don't know. But it's definitely no "Think Of Me", "In My Blood" or "On Your Side".

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There last three singles have been snooze fests (The Only High, Think of Me, Ugly). And we can add this to the list. 

I want another In My Blood or You Ruin Me. They have so many unreleased albums floating round (Life On Mars and In My Blood) that have leaked which have much better tracks, like Stutter. 

I’ll love them no matter what, as they are Aussies and have released three amazing records (two which changed my life in a big way), but I’m kinda not feeling this new “Human” album era.


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On 6/29/2020 at 12:03 AM, OnlyFacts said:

OH MY GOODNESS! I just posted about how much I missed them just last week! My girls are back! 


Stream untouched!

Also, ”invasion of privacy” is still charting on the billboard 200 TWO years after its release. It is currently #92 on the billboard 200. Where is “Queen”?! Where is “trollz” in it’s second week? Yeah. That’s why nicki fans are mad. Big mad  😘

It's their best song, period.  :whiteladydance: I remember watching this on TV when I was little, and that I liked it instantly. :goat:

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