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LEAKED: Lucky POM Soundboard Audio (100% Official)

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2 minutes ago, Louis_j said:

The swing was tragic. It made it seem so cheesy while the song and mix is so emotional. :juggingu:

I loved it before when she was sitting on the bucket thingy. Imagine her singing it live in her natural voice just sitting there in front of everyone :kyliecry:

Aww, you shouldn’t have 🙈💎

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On 6/28/2020 at 10:45 PM, studlygeorge said:

POM 1.0 was a great show in my opinion. 2.0 was superior for hardcore fans but I remember seeing how stark the difference was when it came to audience reactions.

I saw both versions once and at my shows I noticed the audience was significantly more hyped throughout the first show. I wasn’t in the pit so I guess you can say I was sitting near the average Vegas goer. POM 1.0 was great in the sense that Britney really performed all her hits. This song was the last song in the Circus segment which was Circus, I Wanna Go, and Lucky. For this segment I remember *everyone* standing and cheering. It was such a cool moment to hear Lucky have such a stripped performance (albeit lip synced) and everyone in the audience was signing along. 

When it came to POM 2.0, as much fun as I had, I noticed the rest of the audience (with the exception of the pit) sat throughout 80% of the show. I don’t think it was that particular crowd because I’ve had people tell me they shared a similar experience at the 2.0 show. Everyone stood and cheered during the hit songs of the show (namely Work *****, Scream & Shout, and Toxic), but I noticed that the audience seemed bored with the rest of the show. Even during I Love Rock N Roll, all the energy was in the pit.

I loved the updated Circus segment. Circus, If U Seek Amy, Breathe on Me, Slumber Party, and Touch of My Hand (this segment was significantly longer now), but I did notice everyone who wasn’t in the pit sat down immediately after Circus. There was one stan behind me who stood the entire time who made up for the lame audience.


but yeah, Lucky was amazing to see live and I wish it stood in the show lol I love that I get to actually hear it again and not in a LQ video :)

People were sitting at Britney’s show?!?! I went in 2017 and my seats were not close, kinda mid level and I saw everyone in front of me at least was standing during the whole show except for the costume change interludes. I can’t even remember a pop concert I’ve been to where people were sitting. Sitting at Britney??? I’m appalled lol

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